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As a hosting leader in Europe, will 1and1 repeat the successful story in USA? 1and1 has beat its competitors on price, but what might slow their steps when growing customers outside Europe.




Reviewed by: on: 2016-11-12
1and1 Review in below will analyze the price value, reliability, ease-of-use, and customer support of 1and1.

1and1 is one of the most largest and well-known web hosting companies in the industry. It provides customers around the world with comprehensive and quality products, including the most reputable domain name registration and dedicated server, and web hosting, VPS, MyWebsite tools, email & Office as well as eCommerce services. All of these best-priced products help people successfully online.

At present, 1and1 has been hosting more than 12 million domains and websites globally.

1and1 Special Discount

1and1 offer its new customers very good discount every day. Now, people could subscribe to its hosting service up to 86% off, after which its entry level hosting is $0.99/mo only.

1and1 Up to 85% Off

More discount from 1and1

  • 1and1 dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting first 3 months free;
  • .com domain at $0.99/year only;
  • Website builder starts at $0.99/mo;

To check out all the deals from 1and1, visit www.1and1.com now.

1and1 Hosting Service Review

No matter for convenient domain registration, basic shared web hosting packages or advanced virtual private server and powerful dedicated server, 1and1 ensures a complete level of solutions for customer every demand and budget.

Cheap 1and1 Shared hosting

Firstly, 1an1 domain service is quite quality, and has wide range of extension options. In addition to common classic .com, .net, .info, .org, .me, .co, customers will get many other new extensions like .nyc, .city, .business, .lawyer, .software, .restaurant and etc. 1and1 domain package contains 1 email account with unlimited email fowarding, 2GB mailbox space, 100MB webspace, 5 pages of site builder, DNS management, domain lock and other features.

The price of 1and1 domain registration starts from $14.99/yr. Now, with its promotion, the domain registration price starts from only 0.99/yr.


1and1 shared hosting has only one unlimited solution, which is available on both Linux and Windows operating systems. With it, customers can receive unlimited space, upto 1.2GB memory, one free domain name with free privacy, unlimited websites hosted, unlimited databases, email accounts, SSH, SSI, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and etc.

Meanwhile, its hosting solution integrated into many other valuable features and provided for customers as totally free. For example, 1and1 content delivery network (CDN) for extra performance, 1and1 SiteLock and others. All of these can help customers build great websites easily and successfully.

The most important reason why we can regard 1and1 as a high price-valued hosting provider is for its super cheap hosting price. It charges at only 0.99/mo for the first months, and then renew at $8.99/mo regularly. Considering its rich features, it is still affordable for personal and business customers.

1and1 guarantees 30-Day Money Back to all of its customers to maintain 100% satisfaction. As the result, if customers are not fully happy with 1and1 hosting service, and cancel it no matter for any reason, they can do so within the first 30 days to get a full refund.

Just so-so 1and1 VPS Hosting

1and1 vps review1and1 VPS hosting has three plans: Virtual Server L, Virtual Server XL, and Virtual Server XXL. Its VPS servers are available with both Linux and Windows operating platforms with Plesk control panel.

Here are details of 1and1 Virtual Server L:

  • 20GB Disk, 512MB RAM, 500GB Bandwidth, and 1 IP Address
  • CentOS 5 with Parallels Plesk Panel 10.4 (64-bit), but many VPS providers has already offered CentOS 6 to their customers
  • Optional SSL certificate, and FTP backup
  • Guaranteed subdomains, not unlimited
  • SSH shell access
  • Full root/administrator access for comprehensive system control

The price is of 1and1 VPS L is at $29/mo. Honestly, this is not a cheap one. Inmotion Hosting VPS, which shares the same price $29/mo with 1and1 VS L, but offers more features like 40GB Disk, 512MB/1GB Burstable ram, 750GB monthly transfer, 2 dedicated IP, free cPanel, nightly backup and more.

1and1 Dedicated Server is Cheap

1and1 high-performance dedicated server is optimized for every need. The basic solution has 250GB hard-disk space, 2GB RAM, 100 Mbit for quick connection to the Internet, 2 Cores x 2.2 GHz speed, AMD or Intel and Software RAID 1, etc.

1and1 dedicated server service comes with three different plans, meeting customers’ standard, advanced and professional requirements respectively. All of the solutions contain solid features and at affordable prices. Its price only starts from $59.99/mo, and customers are allowed to configure and upgrade the server based on own needs.

1and1 Server Promotion
50% Off

1and1 Make Domain Registration Easy

As the leading provider of domain and transfer services, 1and1 has 11 million domian registrations worldwide. The company partnered with WebSite.ws, ICANN and more others to make domain registration and transfer simple and convenience, and help customers manage their web assets in a single, intuitive interface.

At 1and1, there are over 500 new top-level domains. After customers have chosen a name, they can use the check tool to see whether the domain name and the necessary extension are available. Once complete the information and order, customers are able to check their domains in 1and1 control panel immediately.

Of course, customers also have the option to register their domian privately. All 1and1 domains include:

  • Free private domain registration (n.us or .co and .ca are not available) that can help save almost $10/yr and also secure the domain at the same time
  • E-mail account with 2GB mailbox space
  • Starter Website Builder up to 5 Pages
  • 24×7 customer support service to help customers reach their online goal

The price of 1and1 domian registration normally starts from $14.99/yr. With its latest promotion, the price of .info only starts from $0.99/yr, .com, .us, .co starts from $7.99 for the first year.

For customers who already have a domain, but unsatisfied with their provider, 1and1 can transfer their domain quickly and easily and no additional fees included.

Besides, 1and1 also provides mobile access application, with which customers are able to manage existing domain names, view Whois information, register new domains and check the availability.

1and1 Review on Reliability

99.9% uptime guarantee will also show the confidence from 1and1 about its technology and the service.

1and1 US-based datacenter is located in Lenexa, KS, and it has 55,000 square feet and 5 server rooms offering space to nearly 40,000 servers. At the same time, the datacenter features with 300 gbit/s connectivity, redundant network & capacity adn capable of routing of thousands of Tbytes of traffic. In this situation, it has no any data jams. 1and1 technicians will also take care of the security aspects to deliver customers excellent hosting connectivity, security as well as performance.

Powered by green energy, 1and1 hosting is environmentally friendly. If customers sign up with 1and1 hosting, they can get 1and1 Downloadable Green Logo available in the control panel.

1and1 is one of the best Dedicated Server we recommend.

1and1 Review on Ease-of-use

Compared to many other companies offer cPanel or Plesk control panel, 1and1 self-developed control panel, which is also easy-to-use, is provided for allowing customers to control all its the data and settings. By using the control panel, customers can easily manage server administration, domain, email, messaging, account settings, downloads and upgrades.

1and1 Click & Build Applications has many useful open source apps from different categories, installation of improvements such as forum, blog, shop and others with just few simple clicks. 1and1 guarantees no complicated setup at all.

1and1 Review on Customer Support

In terms of customer support factor, 1and1 customer support can be considered as good. Its email and phone call support methods are 24/7 available. If customers have any issue about its domain or hosting services, they can contact the support staff at any time. Besides, the online knowledge base is also free for customers to check out tutorials and solutions.

However, customer support are the shortness of 1and1. First, they do offer the most effective Live Chat support, which means you have to send email or make the call. Second, in our testing, if we send email to report the issues, it normally take up to 12 hours to receive a response. If you have anything urgent, this might kill you.

So, unless you have people (or yourself) know web server well, and could maintain the server by yourself or make the call to describe your problem clearly, otherwise 1and1 is not good choice.

No Business Site with 1and1 shared hosting and VPS hosting

With the continued rise and development of small businesses, business owners have higher requirements and expectations than before. Among them, one thing is for their hosting providers. There are hundreds of hosting companies available in the marketplace, but the reality is that most of them just cannot ensure reliable hosting services and supports to small businesses.

1and1 is one of the most well-known hosting companies that claims to provide special-designed hosting solutions for small businesses. However, considering the speed of its shared hosting, vps hosting, and cloud hosting are not ideal, also its customer support are not prompted enought, 1&1 is not a web host we would like to recommend to businesses. Instead of, you could check out the list of best small business hosting, from where you can find very good quality web hosting for a business website.


After reviewing all main factors of 1and1 service, we find that its provides comprehensive hosting types with feature-rich hosting packages. Its performance is reliable, fast and can maintain up to 99.9% uptime. The support is good. More importantly, its hosting charges at one of the cheapest prices in the market. For both individuals or businesses, this is definitely a great advantage that they can take. Anyway, 1and1 is a great choice to use to create websites.

Please visit: www.1and1.com to know more information about 1and1 and its domain and hosting services.


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