20 Pay Per Click Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Pay Per Click (PPC) means of advertising is one of the fastest ways to draw more targeted customers to your site. With the use of effective tools like Yahoo Search marketing, Google AdWords, and several others, online business owners display the desired ads in the search results pages. The Google AdWords and Yahoo Search marketing pay a fee each time any users clicks on the ads that are present on the site.

However, if PPC is not executed correctly, then it might pose bigger problems. You might end up investing a good amount of money without getting the desired number of customers to your site. Therefore, one must be aware of the pay per click mistakes and should try to avoid them to get the relevant traffic and conversion rates to the site. If you are new to PPC (Pay per Click) advertising, then you must not panic at all. You can learn the possible ways to run a successful marketing campaign with proper practice and implementation of the techniques of PPC advertising. To achieve the same, you must avoid the possible pay per click mistakes that might cost you in turn of getting the desired profits to you. Here are some of the common mistakes committed by the website owners or webmasters:

Sending Visitors to the Homepage

If you are running PPC for a particular keyword like a product that you are selling on your website. For this, you must have created an ad to run wherever that particular keyword will be searched by the potential customers. To drive the customers to your site, you make use of an URL that when clicked can redirect the readers to your website’s homepage. Once the customer has reached your homepage, he will be forced to navigate the entire website to search for the particular product they had desired to purchase.

By doing this, you have forced the customers to search for the products or services promised by the ad. This could be one of the major pay per click mistakes committed by most of the website owners. You can avoid this by linking the ad directly to the desired product. You must direct the customers to the specific landing pages. In case, you do not have different landing pages, then you must create custom landing pages that can provide the exact information the user might be looking for. By doing this, you satisfy the customer’s needs and establish a strong relationship with the customer.

Sending Visitors to the Contact Page

Some online business owners direct their PPC ads to the contact page of their site. By doing this, they force the users to sign up for an email newsletter or for the submission of the lead generation forms. This could be one of the major forms of the pay per click mistakes committed by the website owners. This could make the customers frustrated and would result in them losing faith in your brand name. By doing this, the website owners are hurting the sentiments of the online sales and might also spoil the PPC platform guidelines.

If you are doing the advertisements through the Google AdWords, then you must be aware of the fact that by asking the customers to fill out the contact form upon the PPC ad campaign in exchange for some free offers is against the guidelines of the Google AdWords. This PPC mistake might end your website in troubles.

Failing to Split-Test the Ad Text

It is recommended by experts to always run the PPC ads by testing them first in order to produce the most effective results. If you are failing to test the PPC ad text, then this too can be regarded as one of the basic pay per click mistakes for your site. Therefore, you must split-test the ads by creating multiple versions of the text of your ad for each of the ad groups of the PPC. By doing this, you can test the specific words that lead to the maximum number of clicks and on-site conversions.

Almost all the PPC engines allow the split-test. However, it is essential to ensure that your ads will be displayed at random therefore, they must generate meaningful information.

Depending on “Broad Match” Keyword Ads

Broad match keywords ads are displayed whenever a particular part of the keyword is searched by the users. This offers great potential for generating a good amount of traffic. But for getting the desired reach, you might be sacrificing the relevance of the website. This could be another great pay per click mistake. By setting your ads for an exact match, you might be decreasing the scope for generating the desired traffic. Therefore, you must ensure that your PPC ads appear for queries that might be relevant for your online business.

Not Taking Advantage of Negative Keywords

Failing to make use of the negative keywords can be one of the most pay per click mistakes committed by the website owners. The negative keywords can prevent the ads from getting displayed whenever certain words are searched for. Addition of the negative keywords to the PPC marketing campaigns can control relevance without affecting the potential traffic to your site. Therefore, you must emphasize on finding as many negative keywords as possible that can influence the PPC campaign.

Not Making it Mobile-Friendly

For any PPC marketing campaign to function properly, it is essential for the ads to be mobile-friendly. There could be several waste clicks if you wish to drive the PPC ads to your site on mobile, and yet it is not mobile optimized. If you do not have an option to promote the mobile site, then you must lower down your bid for mobile PPC ads.

Checking Often for Performance of Ads

If you are checking the performance of your PPC ads too often, then this too could be one of the pay per click mistakes committed by the website owners. However, this could increase the number of impressions accumulated by your ads and will thus lower the click rate on your ads.

Running Campaign on Autopilot

If you simply set up a campaign and then leaving it to run on its own, then this too could be one of the pay per click mistakes. Google and other search engines are constantly rolling out new features. Therefore, it is essential to update the pay per click ads on a regular basis.

Getting Attached to Some Words

Many business owners have a strong idea of the search terms used by the prospective customers. Therefore, they too tend to run after one or two words in general. However, this could be a big mistake for the PPC marketing campaign. Therefore, it is advised to keep a group of relevant keywords that might drive more customers to your site.

All Words in One Nest

Once the business owners have set up a marketing campaign, they start adding words to it to bring more customers to their site. However, keeping several words all in one basket could also be another mistake in the pay per click marketing. You should keep an ad group of around 10 to 20 words at the most.

Targeting Display and Search

It could be valuable to advertise on display, but there is no benefit in putting them all together. It is recommended to always have two separate campaigns. If you do display the right campaign to the users, then you can capture the right attention of the users. Therefore, the website owners must prevent themselves from targeting only the display and search of the website with the PPC marketing campaign.

Not Setting a Budget

As far as the pay per click marketing campaign is concerned, setting the right budget is indispensable. Not setting the right and realistic monthly budget could be one of the biggest pay per click mistakes committed by the online business owners. Therefore, it is advised that the website owners must begin their PPC marketing campaign with a lower budget in the beginning. Another fact that must be realized is that Google usually presents more than 20 percent of the expected budget.

Not Using Site Links

If your ads are constantly running on the top of the webpage and you are not using the site links, then this too could be one of the pay per click mistakes that you might be committing. As a result of this, you might miss out opportunities and this might also make your company cost some extra money. Therefore, it is mandatory to include the site links along with the PPC ads that can drive the relevant traffic to the site. This means you could be paying more for the clicks than necessary.

No Geo-Targeting

It is essential to emphasize the importance of targeting the customers based on their geographical location. Many website owners tend to avoid focusing on the customers as per their geographical preferences. Therefore, to drive more traffic to your website, you can target the customers based on specific locations by designing ads in the desired manner. When you would incorporate geo-targets on your PPC ad, you can obtain the desired higher CTR (Click Through Rate).

Absence of Distinct Characteristics

One of the main pay per click mistakes that is quite common among the websites is the absence of any specific characteristics. The visitors would not be attracted unless there is any unique feature in the PPC ad promoted by the website. Therefore, it is essential to include unique and interesting characteristics to the PPC advertisements to attract the potential public attention. Therefore, it is advised to the website owners to be as creative as possible in making the PPC ad.

Making Use of Phone Numbers

This is one big blunder that might appear too silly on the PPC ads displayed on the websites. It must be realized by the website owners that no one is actually going to pick up the phone and dial on the given number on the ad. The space that has been used to load the phone number can actually be utilized to do something creative and innovative to drive more customers to the website.

No Control over Affiliates

When you have a large online company, it is important to realize the fact that the affiliates might try to look out for silly mistakes. Therefore, when you have strong affiliates in your business, then you must ensure that they do not place the ads on PPC marketing campaign for the one that you are supposed to lead. This might end you up in considerable losses and loss of money.

Avoiding Seasonal Offers

Most of the website owners only tend to promote the specific products and services of their online business. However, what they fail to understand is that this could be one of the major pay per click mistakes. By doing this, you are not utilizing the full capacity of the PPC marketing campaign. To attract more customers, you must include exclusive discounts and seasonal offers such that your website gets more traffic and increase the conversion rate.

Not Tracking Conversions

To ignore the conversion rates for your website could be another form of pay per click marketing campaign mistakes. By keeping track of the conversion rates, you can keep a record of the specific ads that generate more number of clicks and traffic for your site.

Too Focused on Ranking

All the websites run after the optimization of ranking on the search engines. This might be vital to enhancing the overall performance, but it might pose several problems with PPC marketing and might make you lose your money on it. This is because of the fact that when it comes to PPC marketing, the buyers do not completely rely on the sites that appear on top.

Many of these pay per click mistakes might appear silly but when fixed can improve the performance of the online business to a greater extent.

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