5 Critical Steps to Take If Your Website Has Been Hacked

According to a famous article published recently in one of the technological journals, there are two sorts of organizations in general- the ones who have been hacked and those that don’t know that they have been hacked.  For both, hacked website repair is important.

How would you know whether you have been hacked or not?

hacked website repair

There is not just any single clear-cut way to determine whether your website has been hacked or not, but there are many! Among all of them, the most evident is the one where the hacker has basically destroyed your website. So, one fine morning, you wake up all of a sudden, started your program and you no more find your website there! Either it had been planted with some other website or there you end up finding a huge notice board confirming “Hacked by ____________”. Sometimes it can be even worse, where you might be diverted to some “disturbing” website. So, all in all, these are clear indications that your website is hacked and things are need to be done in order to restore parity.

No matter what, hackers would be trying their best to hide their own tracks and might try to maintain a state of confusion as if it is not yet clear whether a site had been hacked or not, for as long as it takes to continue with their deplorable work in your website.

So, some of the clear indications which certifies a site’s hacked condition:-

  • Your website is completely ruined
  • You are redirected to some “objectionable” website/ notice board
  • Search Engines run a notice about your site’s compromised state
  • Browser demonstrate that the site is hacked
  • Your web logs might start showing bizarre movements

How can your site be hacked?

hacked website repair

A recent review by StopBadWare showed that 63% of website owners claimed that they have no idea how they were hacked. But, just in case if your website is hacked, it is better to know the cause or else you will ill prepared in case your website gets attacked again, once more by the same hacker.

Though there are plenty of ways how a website can be hacked, have a look at the most basic ways how a hacker can take control of your website.

  • Password is guessed to the maximum success
  • Applying malware to your neighborhood machines, to get hold of your credentials.
  • Security lapse in any particular programming that might be used
  • Hacking someone’s site who lives on the same shared server as do you

5 Critical steps to Take

A website getting hacked is something so huge that it needs an awful lot of task to be done before the website gets back up and running. We point out the most critical steps ought to be taken by you and your support group:-

Stay calm and be quite

You must not lose your sleep over this and always try to remember there are ways to recuperate from hacked website repair.

Take help from professionals

hacked website repair

Bring in your specialized help in the form of software professionals who are better equipped to do the evaluation of the problem at hand and settling it comprehensively. In most cases, without professional expertise, the cleaning may not be properly done and that can lead to another attack in the near future. Because, any loopholes left unplugged will invite hackers and they will always take a chance on your website again and again.

Accumulate all data

hacked website repair

Accumulate all the data that your support group may require and it may include CMS login, administrator rights of the administrative framework. Also required would be your web logs – including both the mistake logs and entrance logs. In this case, you must make sure that those web logs are turned on and your facilitating organization allow you access to those.

Then you need to provide FTP/sFTP access rights including hostname, username and secret password. Apart from all the above, you need to provide any reinforcement that you might need. It’s always  good practice to store the above mentioned sensitive data in a protected area with care and handy, so that it can be found anytime anywhere, whenever the specific need arises.

Next you have to take your website off the Internet

It is extremely important to take down the website temporarily for the experts to do their analysis and alteration of the website. Then you need to secure your primary index where your website resides, so that guests are prevented from reaching your website simultaneously as the experts sets in to fix it.

Scan the neighbourhood PCs

The last and final step in this process is to scan the neighbourhood PCs for any malware or infections. This is required to certify that your neighborhood is no more tainted with the same set of malware or infections that might be causing all these abnormalities.

After you do the above, you may expect your specialized expert help do all the digging in and certify the cause of hacking and then doing the cleaning and tidying up of the same. Lastly they will be restoring your site back to its normal state and the major steps involved in that cleaning process would be changing passwords for login, database, ftp etc. Then reviewing the reinforcement of the website by downloading the same. Checking all log records and finding out how and when that hacking took place. Checking the product augmentations utilized for any further vulnerabilities, assessing any programming code for security lapses. And finally to clean everything possible before bringing back the website live for guests to view it normally, after the hacked website is repaired.

hacked website repair

As a conclusion, it can might be said that though your site getting hacking is not a pleasant experience but there is almost always a way to survive the hackers attack and to restore your website back to its old glory. All you need to do is to maintain your calm and rope in the appropriate specialized help to do the needful. Now that the critical steps are understood, I am sure you are better equipped for such hacked website repair in the future.

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