Advantages of Using PHP in Web Development

PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor which was known as Personal Home Page earlier. PHP is the most used scripting language which is used for web development and programming language. For those who are looking forward to learn web designing PHP will be an important part of your tutorial.

PHP was created in 1994 by RasmusLerdor and has since been used by people for web development. There have been several changes made since then which has bettered PHP in all ways. It can be combined with different web content management systems, web template systems and web frameworks and used. It can also be embedded into HTML. There is a range of things which PHP helps in –checking details in forms, creating forums, galleries and much more. All web pages that end in PHP carry programming codes which have been used to better the HTML version. PHP plays an important role in the development of lively websites. There are several uses to it and it is not difficult to use it.

Here are some advantages of using PHP in web development

Open Source:

advantages of using PHP in web development

Buying any software for web development purpose would require you to spend quite a sum of money. PHP is open source and is free for the public to use. It is managed by several PHP developers. It is a collaborative effort, the programmers keep improving the program and share it in the community thread. You would hardly have to spend anything for web development.

Developer Friendly:

The code structure of PHP is very easy and collaborative if seen from the eyes of a developer. Anything which is easy to operate and adjustable will let to do many creative things. The developers can develop codes which are both powerful and interesting. Actually, it’s very easy to find a php-friendly hosting environment for developer, which means in most case, they could be free of worrying about server issues.


There is nothing more than keeping one’s website safe on the internet and using programs which are secure. Secure environment is what PHP boasts and is one of its advantages of using PHP in web development.A wall of security is built around it so developing applications and websites would be done with safety. PHP is impenetrable and completely safe from the hackers which also makes your website safe from any probable attacks.

Easy Support Available:

advantages of using PHP in web development

PHP has a large community because it is an open source and is used and maintained by millions of web developers. In case you face problems in the process of web development you can post your questions there for replies.


Where other languages use long scripts PHP just needs some lines of code. This gives you control over your website because it becomes easy for you to manage it. Editing something is simple so you can alter something if you don’t like with ease.

Library Scripts and Extensions:

Adding extra dimensions can be easily done by using extensions and library scripts. The extensions give you added power which lets you add useful elements in programs. The results are a lively and flexible program. Unnecessary lengthy coding is reduced and the web development time goes down. PHP’s debugging tools identify errors in an early stage which helps in eliminating bigger mistakes that could happen in the later parts of development.


advantages of using PHP in web development

Another important point in the list of advantages of using PHP in web development is its reliability. PHP has been in use for more than twenty years and millions of web developers swear by PHP. They have tested it and used it. Even if there are errors or bugs that pop-up it hardly takes a day for someone to come up with a solution for it. There are many people who wish to prove themselves leading to easy and quick solutions to your questions.


There couldn’t be anything easier than to PHP’s server-side scripting language. When compared to the other languages such as syntax of Perl, PHP is a way lot easier to learn and understand. PHP is scalable and reliable there are a whole lot of web pages you have to deal in.

Platform Friendly:

You don’t need to look for special service providers because PHP is compatible with almost all the platforms inclusive Linux, Windows, MacOS etc.

Compatible With Servers:

From Microsoft IIS to Netscape or even personal web server, PHP gets along with all types of leading web servers.


The loading time and the workload of the server goes down because PHP uses its own memory. The processing speed goes up. This not only helps in efficient work but decrease the time of web development.

Built-in database connection modules:

PHP can be easily used to connect to database. Most websites are content driven and web developers require using the database often. This also helps in reducing the development time.

advantages of using PHP in web development

There is so much more to PHP than the above list of advantages of using PHP in web development. A website’s popularity depends on how well it has been developed. If your customers can connect with your website you can sell. It is from your website that you can locate more business opportunities and develop and expand your business. If you are really interested in running your business well then your platform should be both user friendly and flexible so it can be changed according to your business requirements from time to time.

Bigger goals require the best the best technologies and there is nothing better than PHP. The platform of PHP delivers several functionalities which will help you to be the leader in your business area. PHP has always been a preferred platform for thousands of huge companies. It is preferred by the web developers who can create an amazing website with the help of PHP.

If you wish to accomplish your goal you need to take the advantage of this free side-server scripting language and have your website constructed in no time. Explore its features and its power to develop an amazing website.

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