Asp.Net or PHP Which is Easier to Learn

Picking a career as a software developer leaves you in a jungle technology where there is so much to learn and enhance one’s knowledge. There is no doubt on how much one person could absorb but there comes in life a diversion where you need to choose one path and increase your knowledge on the path you have chosen.

Selecting a technology and sincerely dedicating time to learn about it when it is on the threshold of desuetude would be a bad idea. Your career is at stake here. However there still exists technologies that have a bright future and one can be sure about it being around for some time. Two of such technologies that seem to be hanging around in the coming years are ASP.NET and PHP. ASP.NET is a Microsoft built framework used in Windows and helps in web development. PHP is also a server side scripting language which is used for web development. Although there are many developers and programmers who are well versed with both these languages you could decide to pick one and master its intricacies.

When you need to select one the first question that pops-up is ASP.NET vs PHP which is better? Scroll away to understand about both these platforms so you can make a wise decision.

Understanding ASP.NET and PHP

PHP is an open source server side scripting language used for the development of web applications. There are some tools with which you can write desktop applications with the help of PHP but most apps written in PHP which run on server. Those using PHP use Apache server, Microsoft IIS is also used by some. PHP is free and millions of websites have been using it. There are several frameworks compiled in PHP which eases the web development process. Facebook is the best example powered by PHP.

ASP.NET is a language which can be used by any language supported by .NET. The ASP.NET also helps in creation of dynamic web applications, web sites and web services. ASP.NET also happens to be a web framework and you have the freedom to use any .NET programming languages for coding. An example of ASP.NET is MySpace.

Deciding on which language is easier to learn is difficult as both these languages have many features which could be learnt and exploited in your projects.

Let us further expand on ASP.NET vs PHP which is better?

Once we discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of ASP.NET and PHP you will have a better understanding of which language is easy to learn.

Advantages of ASP.NET


Mature Framework: ASP.NET has a library which is task based. Since the library is arranged into inheritable classes correlated to a certain task like editing image or XML the developers or programmers can save time on several tasks connected with development.It also has the IntelliSense which is an auto completion feature where the developers don’t have to remember variables and methods.

Flexibilty: The name ASP.NET is taken from one of the old technologies of Microsoft known as ASP technology. The CLR and framework is flawless and works wonderfully when programmed with languages such as C# and Visual Basic.NET. You can easily change the programming language of the project you are working on without having to rewrite the entire thing. Another plus point of ASP.NET is that several developers can work together on the same project using different languages.

Disadvantages of ASP.NET

ASP.NET is expensive. There are more web server resources required in ASP.NET when compared with other languages. You need extremely good servers or many of them. Both Windows and IIS are susceptible to bugs and have a history of it in the past.

Advantages of PHP


Large Ecosystem: PHP is an open source and is quite adaptable. PHP can be used in many perspectives as it is obtainable for several operating systems, even more than ASP.NET. This side server scripting language is usable with many relational database management systems and works on almost all leading web servers. Its internet installation base is quite wide and there are about 18 million internet domains that are being hosted by servers with PHP.

Not Expensive: PHP is not expensive at all infact it is free and is also quote secure. If teamed with HTML there are pretty interesting pages which it can create. PHP is added in the LAMP architecture as P, LAMP is nothing but a software pack which comprises of Linus, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP). These applications can easily be distributed through this bundle.

Disadvantages of PHP

There is no namespacing in PHP which could lead to crashes in naming. Variable in PHP don’t have a type and this type checking is quite wobbly which may lead to problems. Parse code can be used by PHP only in its delimiters, whatever is outside it is sent to the output.

When it comes to big corporate houses who have to decide which one to pick they look for security, price, speed and consistency of the language before they place the fate of online business in their hands.

Conclusion- ASP.NET vs PHP which is better?


There are strengths and weaknesses to both ASP.NET and PHP. Where ASP.NET is easy to maintain and use PHP is fast, safe and trustworthy. Both languages are considered of equal importance. There is nothing as easy to learn for either of them. For a developer or programmer who is seeking knowledge could learn both. Both of them have different uses and careers could be built on both on them. There are hundreds of companies who wish to go with PHP while the others feel anything free is may not be worth and opt of ASP.NET. However, both the languages are interesting to learn and explore. There is so much that can be done with either of them.


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