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Not only for businesses, more and more personals are going to use cloud storage solution for storing and sharing their important files or information nowadays. When choosing cloud storage solution, people need to take the usability, security, price value and support aspects into account. However, there are hundreds of cloud storage providers available, it is quite hard to find a reliable one. In the following, we will list the top 3, and help people find the best cloud storage solution.


Since its establishment in 2007, Dropbox ( has been providing a wide range of file hosting service and cloud storage solutions for satisfying requirements of different customers worldwide.

With Dropbox cloud storage solution, people cannot only store, share, sync and manage their files easily, but also are allowed to access from any devices like Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and others at any time.

Moreover, Dropbox cloud storage has very high security level, since the company utilizes 256-bit AES encryption, SSL/TLS technology, unlimited recovery, multi-step verification, account activity monitoring and more.

For individuals, Dropbox Basic and Dropbox Pro two solutions are highly recommended. The Basic contains 2GB free space, users can access from anywhere and share files easily with Dropbox safe & reliable backup. While the Pro solution comes with 1TB space, all basic features, extra sharing controls, remote wipe and etc.

If people are going to use cloud storage for team work, Dropbox for Business is the right solution. It offers centralized admin controls, unlimited version history and comprehensive audit log and more others. Dropbox cloud storage price starts from $9.99/mo regularly, and now people would get 17% if they sign up for annual plan, and the total price will be at $99/yr.

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If people still have questions about Dropbox cloud storage, they can check out its Help Center, call the technicians or visit: and Dropbox review.


box-cloud-storage-220Box ( has been offering reliable and secure cloud storage service since 2005. Now, it serves more than 27 million customers all over the world. According to the company, one of its most important missions is to make content sharing, accessing and managing easy to everyone.

It has personal and business cloud storage solution options. No matter which one people choose, they are allowed to conveniently store all types of their files, sync to other devices and share with others easily. Box cloud storage supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, and main tablet and computer versions.

All Box datacenters and operations are certified by Safe Harbor, and its system secured with HIPAA standards. Besides, customers’ data is encrypted with premium SSL, 256-bit AES as well as others to set one of the most safe cloud storage environments.

In addition to the free Personal plan with 10-100GB storage and 250MB to 5GB file size, Box also provides people with three affordable cloud storage solutions. The price starts from $6/uers/mo, and includes up to unlimited storage and 5GB file size.

Box support can be contacted through telephone and email, or people are able to directly visit: and check out our Box Review.


justcloud-220JustCloud ( is a professional and well-known company who offers easy, fast and unlimited cloud storage service. With it, people can store all of their files into the cloud, and access and share from anywhere. JustCloud cloud storage is widely recommended.

Choosing JustCloud solution, people will get unlimited cloud storage to store their documents, images, music, videos or other contents. With this 100% automated service and free mobile app, it is easy to sync various computers, access files and share them with others easily. JustCloud is available for Windows, Vista, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire, etc.

JustCloud datacenters are quite solid, and all of them are equipped with Ultra-Redundant Power, Networking Systems and HVAC. Moreover, its engineers monitor all the time to ensure customers fast and reliable cloud storage experience. JustCloud guarantees 99.9% uptime.

The regular price of JustCloud cloud storage solution starts from $5.95/mo. Now, the company gives people 20% off to make the service price from $4.49/mo. Before purchasing cloud storage solution, people can try JustCloud free plan first.

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JustCloud also provides the best comprehensive and effective support via 24×7 telephone, live chat and email. If customers are not satisfied with the cloud storage solution, they can take huge advantages of JustCloud Money Back Guarantee.

Please visit: or check out JustCloud Review.

What’s Cloud Storage

Cloud-Storage1_Since people put more and more emphasis on Internet flexibility and security nowadays, cloud storage, which is based on powerful and stable cloud technology, has been becoming increasingly popular and essential throughout the industry for both personal and business use.

What is cloud storage, and how it works exactly? In the following, we will give people a clear understanding through a comprehensive introduction of cloud storage.

What is Cloud Storage

Simply put, cloud storage is a kind of service that people could use to store data and information to the web. Generally, the cloud storage physical environment protection and running issues is managed by those cloud storage service providers, who also take responsibility for ensuring data accessible and available to users.

According to the different targeted objects, data location and some other aspects, cloud storage service is classified as private, public and hybrid three main models:

  • Private cloud storage: based on a dedicated environment, private cloud storage is provided for a single object. It comes with the highest security level, and is always chosen by people who require more data control and customization
  • Cloud_StoragePublic cloud storage: a service that provides a multi-tenant storage environment mainly for the unstructured data and information, such as the Simple Storage Service from Amazon
  • Hybrid cloud storage: a composition of private and public cloud storage that has their advantages. If people need both of the cloud storages, Hybrid can meet their needs

By using cloud storage service, people are allowed to store their data and information online, and share, access and manage these data via mobile devices, tablets or computers at any time.

How Cloud Storage Works

To know how cloud storage works, people can get understanding and find out answers mainly from two aspects: the cloud storage service providers and the customers.

Actually, cloud storage providers own hundreds of separate servers. However, all of these servers are connected mutually in a grid configuration environment. As the result, the storage system can work as a single directory.

In the cloud storage working process, service providers play important roles on regulating storage base that usually placed in multiple separate sites. Providers are professional enough to handle both of the administrative management and technique monitoring, and that makes cloud storage one of the best and easiest methods for people to store their data and information.

As for customer aspect, people could choose from private cloud storage, public cloud storage or hybrid cloud storage, based on their demands. Compared to store data into the hard drives, cloud storage is much more convenient and secure for people to store, share and access their data and information.

Moreover, by integrating archived data into the cloud, people are allowed to extend storage areas easily, no matter which storage type they choose. Theoretically, cloud space is unlimited, and this is just one of the ways for people to save more space, ensuring store more files, apps and etc.

cloud-lockCloud storage is very safe, so it is a great choice for those people who have extreme concern about their data and information security. In addition to some regular security features, providers’ servers are well protected with leading and advanced encryption system, and they develop more tools and updates to make sure cloud storage the highest security level.

As a simple example: people enable to share something with others by only giving the other people the storage link. Then other people could check out or download it from anywhere at any time, without putting the data into high-risk Internet.

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

Cloud_Storage_Handy_BackupCloud storage service is regarded as starting in 1960s but gets popular in recent years, which supports people to connect their data on the cloud at anytime and anywhere. Generally, the cloud storage service providers build cloud storage based on servers in multiple datacenters and ensure them secure, accessible and available. And then people store data, files, media, etc on this highly virtual space.

There are two kinds of cloud storage services: one is for personals, which is also called file hosting service; the other is aimed at entrepreneurs. Individuals often store videos, files, images and synchronizes that can be accessed by users from a smart phone, a different computer, tablet and more. And entrepreneurs usually upload the data of the company, users and app that could be connected by API or API applications.

Pros of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage service is used by hundreds of thousands of users nowadays because it has a broad range of advantages, making convenience for users. In storage_img01below, we list some core pros of cloud storage:

  • Customers no matter they are individuals or entrepreneurs, will just pay for how much storage they used. Thus, they do not need to worry about limited space or wasting space and money.
  • There is a variety of ways to access stored data no matter where users are and what time it is.
  • Cloud storage service providers make backups of customer data in multiple datacenters around the world. If one copy of data occurs to lose or any disaster, there are other copies.
  • For entrepreneurs, they can choose off-premises, on-premises or the combination of both.
  • Cloud storage service offers customers an access to a large number of applications and resources that another company hosts in the infrastructure.
  • Cloud storage has useful functionalities, such as moving virtual machine images from one user account to another user account or moving from one datacenter to another. Besides, users can export images from the cloud to on-premises location and vice versa.
  • It is easy to add additional cloud storage to satisfy the increasing needs since it is so scalable.

Cons of Cloud Storage

cloudsecurityFrankly speaking, cloud storage also shows some disadvantages that users find inconvenient. One of the cases is the cost prediction. Since storing data on the cloud is easy and requires for money that actual uses, it will be very hard to make a cost plan for the future storage requirements. Once the scale of business grows rapidly, users may not have enough money to pay cloud storage.

Another con is about privacy because government is possible to access the cloud and get the user data. Thus, users had better encrypt data if necessary before uploading it to the cloud. What’s more, if users store large files or data on the cloud, they will be required a great deal of bandwidth to realize uploading or downloading. The last con towards cloud storage is outages, which will affect business sometimes.


Apparently the pros of cloud storage far outweigh the cons, and that is why more and more users choose to store their data on the cloud instead of the traditional disk. Moreover, there are a lot of excellent cloud storage providers in the market, such as Dropbox, creating benefit for users to easier store data on the cloud.

Tips for How to Deal with Cloud Storage

How-To-Use-Cloud-Based-StorageAs a cloud-based service that allows people to store, share and manage their data conveniently, cloud storage has high flexibility, usability and security. No matter for personal or business use, it becomes more and more common and popular anyway. If people have already known about what is cloud storage and how it works, there is another issue they need to concern.

Some people choose and use cloud storage service casually, so they may neglect some of the important aspects, and that causes serious or bad consequences. In the following, we will share several tips for how to deal with cloud storage.

Tips for How to Deal with Cloud Storage

  • Know the demands

Usually, cloud storage providers will provide both free and paid solutions. If people want a cloud storage service only for storing photos, normal documents or other personal use, free solution is enough. While if people are going to choose one for important files, team work or business use, they can purchase paid cloud storage solution to get more storage space, higher security level as well as better supports. So, when dealing with cloud storage, people have to know their demands first. And from, you can compare the service from all those cloud storage service providers.

  • Notice storage limits

Some of paid cloud storage services come with unlimited storage theoretically, but even people use free cloud storage, they have to notice the storage limits. Storing word document, text files or images will be fine, if people are going to store music, videos, or some other large files into the cloud, they need to make sure they will not exceed the storage limit. If it happens, people could delete from the cloud or upgrade to advanced paid solutions.

  • Check streaming capabilities of the cloud

In fact, different cloud storage providers specialize in different data forms. Leading companies like Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync and SpiderOak and etc. put more emphasis on allowing people to store spreadsheets, presentations and files. While JustCloud, CloudMe and some others are considered as best cloud storage services for delivering people great pictures, music and videos streaming features. Before purchasing a cloud storage service, don’t forget to check its streaming capabilities to find out which one is better for the needs.

  • Encrypt the cloud

cloudsecurityAlthough the cloud storage providers will carry out the security measures to make sure the entire stored data safe, people still need to encrypt their cloud. One of the most vital reasons is that so many people use and access cloud storage solution and sensitive & private materials every day. Security issue cannot be ignored, especially when people store important and private data in the cloud.

  • Use Secure Devices

Almost all cloud storage services support main mobile, tablet and computer devices, which bring maximum convenience to make people store, share and manage their files easily, timely. People have to increase the security level of their frequently-used devices, no matter what. Besides, do not forget to backup the file, in case of damage caused by loss of devices.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Storage Solution

cloud_storageBefore safely storing content into the cloud and sharing with others, people have to find a cloud storage solution first. However, there are dozens of cloud storage providers available throughout the market, and they deliver storage solutions at different levels. Which one is the most suitable, and which one is the best? In below, we will introduce several steps to help people know how to choose the best cloud storage solution.

Provider Reputation

High security is one of the most important factors that people choose to use cloud storage, but it is not safe to choose a small company who claim to provide high-quality cloud storage, honestly. Those small companies do not have strong facility and technology backups. If the terrible issues happen to people’s files, they may have no capabilities to take responsibility for it. Then people have to check out the provider’s reputation before signing up with it.

Storage and Upgrade

Different providers integrated different amounts of storage into their solutions, so people need to choose the one who can provide them with plenty of cloud storage. On the other hand, if people are not sure their demands exactly, they have to make sure the provider has very convenient and easy upgrade plan for a smooth and reliable experience.

Customer Base

It will be quite helpful to know the cloud storage providers’ customer bases. Some providers offer special-designed solutions for personals, like JustCloud; while some others such as DropBox and SpiderOak, they specialize in cloud storage for businesses with high security level. As a result, targeting the customer-base aspect will effectively help people choose the suitable cloud storage solution.

Datacenter Facilities

If people store their files in the cloud, they expect to access them at any time. So, cloud storage uptime is also important consideration when choosing the best cloud storage solution. To ensure reliable uptime, providers need to make full use of well-equipped and geographically distributed datacenter facilities. Besides, do not forget to check out other backups like energy supply or cooling system, etc. form their supports.

Encryption and SLA

slaGenerally, there are two main encryption methods. One is that people rely on the encryption handled by the cloud storage providers, and let the providers encrypt their files. Or providers give people personal key encryption to let set and manage encryption keys by themselves. Based on own needs, people can make the right option.

As a very important contract between people and their cloud storage provider, service-level agreement (SLA) cannot be overlooked. If people ignore this, they cannot do anything legally when they get poor or even bad service. In a word, SLA helps people set and build expectation level of cloud storage service.

Customer Support

Cloud storage providers only offer people limited level of access and management, people cannot solve all the issues they confront with. So they have to make sure the chosen provider has very instant and efficient support. Some providers ensure multiple support ways through phone call, email or even live chat, other supports are 24×7 available and can be contacted all the time.

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