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email-marketingFor small business owners, email marketing is a powerful and cost-effective method which helps create online campaigns, gain more subscribers and expand their businesses through sending emails to people directly.

Email marketing is quite popular, and there are tons of cheap email marketing solutions available in the market that small business owners can choose from. In below, we name Constant Contact, iContact and AWeber as the best email marketing solution for their premium qualities, supports and affordable prices.

Constant Contact – Best Email Marketing for Small Business

Constant Contact ( has been providing top email marketing solutions for business owners since 1995. Along with many other free email tools and professional support team, the company now serves thousands of customers worldwide.

Its email marketing solution contains hundreds of free and useful templates, message types such as newsletter, offers, promotion, registrations, surveys, etc., full toolkit, Facebook access, mobile access, image and file storage, reporting & tracking of opens, clicks and others. All of the features will help small business owners create a successful email marketing campaign.

With the management and list-building tools that offered by Constant Contact, owners are able to organize segment, create contact list and manage their email marketing solution easily. If they still have questions, Constant Contact support can be got through via phone, live chat and email.

Constant Contact email marketing solution comes with three packages, and its regular price starts from $20/mo. By following its latest promotion, owners can receive up to 30% off if they sign up pre-pay long-term service.

Constant Contact Promotion
Up to 30% Off

In addition to great features and price values, Constant Contact also offers full 60-Day free trial, and 100% money back. If people are looking for a reliable email marketing solution for their small business websites, Constant Contact is the best option.

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iContact – the Cheapest Email Marketing

As one of the most leading companies in the field, iContact ( is committed to providing with great and cheap email marketing service to address the different requirements of small business customers.

iContact email marketing solution includes all the needed and advanced features that owners can take complete use of for creating business campaigns. For an instance, hundreds of well-designed email templates, MessageCoder tool, email delivery, email tracking, sign-up forum, split testing, mail-merge fields and others.

In order to help its customers create and operate the email marketing solution easily, iContact provides easy-to-use MessageBuilder, which with drag-and-drop features, allowing to add brand colors, texts, links, images and etc.

The company not only delivers feature-rich email marketing solution, but also offers it at cheap price. If people subscribe with annual plan, then they enable to get the service at only $8.50/mo, 15% off the regular price $10/mo.

iContact Promotion
15% Off

Before purchasing, people could try iContact free trial, or contact its support employees through telephone, live chat and email, if they have problems about its service.

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AWeber – Professional Email Marketing

Established in 1998, AWeber ( has been delivering reputable and professional email marketing solutions. Through email method, its web-based service helps individuals and businesses achieve success.

As an email marketing professional, AWeber makes efforts on valuable and customer-desired tool and features. Its solution integrated over 600 HTML email templates, email newsletter, RSS, email marketing tracking & analytics, APP showcase as well as API, etc.

Besides, AWeber optimized drag-and-drop editor and Subscriber Segmenting tool bring business owners maximum convenience to edit and make management of images layouts and segments.

The regular price of AWeber email marketing starts from $19/mo, to get the great email service, customers can go with the promotional link, which helps save up to $34.

AWeber Promotion
Save Up to $34

AWeber is one of the few providers who offer 30 Days Full Money Back Guarantee, its support can be contacted through toll-free phone call, text chat email, live webinars, knowledgebase and blog.

Please visit: or Aweber Review for more details.

What’s Email Marketing and the Benefits

With the rapid development of Internet, email marketing has been becoming more and more common, and also considered as an essential tool for website owners to utilize to expand their businesses online. So, what is email marketing exactly, and why does email marketing show such benefits over many other traditional forms of marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

email marketingEmail marketing is a direct marketing form using email as an effective and convenient approach of commercial promotion, communication survey or new information to people.

For business owners, email marketing cannot only help improve the relationship with the existing customers, but also enable to acquire more new customers, and convince them to purchase the services and products.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

As one of the most important and popular components in many industries, email marketing is widely used to create vital business-customer relationships, promote products & services, and increase sales by business owners. Here, we listed some benefits that businesses can take from email

  • Simple and Low-cost

Compared to other channels of advertising, email marketing can be carried out at very low cost, without hiring tons of employees or marketing analysts. And there is no cost for design, testing and printing as well. Email marketing is quite simple, because the information can be distributed to targeted people by using a clear mailing list, all through the Internet.

  • Flexible and Measurable

Email marketing is flexible and measurable, and it could be used to track response via analytics, un-subscribers, or click-throughs, helping to measure open rate, positive or negative responses, and correlate sales. Combining with the feedback, business owners can identity their customers’ engagement, and also are allowed to modify the business strategy for achieving success.

  • Faster and Higher Response

There is no doubt that paper mail will take long-time to get response, while email takes only 1 or 2 days, since it can be completed in just a few hours. When business owners are looking at online sales, they enable to send a substantial amount of email in a very short time. In the situation, if people are interested in the products or services, they might make immediate responses.

  • Global Reach

In addition to its usability, email marketing has no any boundary. Sending emails with useful and valuable offers or information only take for a few time, and that achieves wide reach with people all over the world. Generally, no matter where the businesses are or when they require reaching people, the email can reach the targets.

  • More Personal

Many of other marketing methods like telesales, radio or television advertisements have to be done in a mostly “one-fits-all” form, so it is very difficult to reach people in a personalized way. However, email marketing allows business owners to target every people personally by sending with their own names, pertinent sales, or purchase history. With email marketing segmentation, owners can send emails to smaller groups separately within a big list to enhance the sale results.

  • Frequent Communications

Not only for sales or promotions, email marketing takes less time to create and send, so business owners can communicate with customers more frequently that about once a week to get helpful feedbacks. Email marketing is interactive, owners can use it to know customers’ requirements and preferences, build trust and keep customers stay.

Email Marketing Tips

email-marketing-tipsAs one of the most popular forms in many different fields, email marketing is used by business owners to promote products and services, and increase their sales, for its significant and valuable benefits. Email marketing is an extremely effective strategy to help expand businesses, but there still are some things to notice when executing the marketing campaign.

In the following, we introduce some certain email marketing tips which business owners can take full use of to achieve success in competitions.

Clear Objectives

Usually, email marketing comes with two common objectives. One is to promote products, and to drive the response of the current and potential customers. Another one is to get feedbacks, and to enhance loyalty and ongoing relationships between owners and customers.

No matter which objective is, business owners need to make determination before conducting email marketing campaign. That will largely improve effectiveness of email marketing.

Create the Emails

After having clear objectives, the next important thing is to create emails, which is not as simple as people think. These emails not only need to be well designed, including layouts, colors, images and information to satisfy customers’ preferences, but also to be sent targeted customers to rise response rates.

When creating email, note that it must be clear and easily readable, and contains most essential information even customers have very less time can still get the points. Besides, aspects of email signature and languages need to be taken into consideration.

Runs Some Tests

Run few tests before sending the emails can be a good way to better conduct the following email marketing. In addition to testing different forms for content, logo or button images, and links, business owners enable to do experiment with some different email patterns. At the beginning, send multiple email patterns to customers, and find out which one works well by comparing their click-throughs. Using the best pattern as email marketing method can retain customers and also increase sales.

Develop Email Lists

In fact, customers have different preferences, and not all of them have interested in receiving email. In the case, business owners have to develop sorted and well-searched email lists for email marketing. For example, a part of people are potential customers, or another part includes clients that can build long-term business relationships.

However, these email lists should be constantly modified based on email feedback. If customers purchase the products frequently, owners could put their email addresses into “long-term” list, or some customers show no interests in for a long time, then they can be deleted from the lists.

Avoid Spam Filters

email-spamWith more and more email marketing misues, the spam filters has been becoming the biggest obstacle of successful email marketing by destroying customers’ loyalty. And if business owners want to win the competition, they should avoid spamming.

One of the feasible ways is to get permission from customers. Business owners can try their best to send customers useful information or things such as coupons, discounts, or gifts in return as if customers agree on receive the emails. In addition, owners remember that do not send emails very frequently.

Start with Subject Line

Since the emails take risk of being flagged as spam, it is crucial for business owners to know how to craft a suitable subject line. Many owners send emails with subject line of 60 to 70 characters, but there is no improve in either open rate or click-throughs at those 60-to-70 character length of subject line, according to survey

However, the maximum subject line length would be enforced by software nowadays, business owners should always try to make the subject line below 60, usually around 50 characters, spaces and punctuation are included. Lesser subject line of characters, like a goal of 20 to 30 or 30 to 40, works much better. Generally, in this way, the emails are fully ensured to get interests and open rate by customers and readers.

Create the Interesting Content

Few people have patience to read the whole email, so business owners have to create the most valuable content and also arouse readers and customers’ interests. Email contents always contain great products, services or promotions. Instead of these, business owners could also send other free things and solutions.

First thing’s first, owners need to do things to get readers and customers read the emails. Maybe start with a story, a mystery, or a joke, whatever it takes to make them notice of what contents delivered to them, instead of deleting it directly. Do not forget to build motivation in the body of the email, and drive people to click the included links as well.

Make the Email as Guidance

After finishing a great email with suitable subject line and interesting contents, business owners need to send them to the targeted people. In the situation, it is suggested to make the email as guidance, not sell directly from it.

Compared to straightly leading people to the payment page, it is much better and more efficient to guide them click through to the landing page that gives more information and selections. This will increase sales and the success rate of the email marketing.

The Time of Doing Email Marketing

email-marketing-timeChoosing the right time to send email is another important factor when doing email marketing. Most of the great emails are sent during the business hours, but it does not bring good results. A survey indicates that the right time of doing email marketing is between 8PM and midnight, which also shows the best open rate, click-through as well as sales. As a core factor in enhancing email marketing performance, this time period is the least used, in fact.

Email Marketing Spam

email-marketing-spamWith the fast development of the Internet and technology, more and more people send emails to both personal and business associates instead of writing letters. In such situation, there comes with a big concern about differentiating true available emails from spam.

What is Email Marketing Spam

By definition, if senders conceal their addresses and identities, the email is sent to a large group of people, or the recipients are not request the email, campaigns address the three criteria would be considered as email marketing spam.

Spam is annoying and dangerous, most of people reflect that they receive around half of emails on a daily basis are spam, and they will delete directly without opening or checking them. So, for business owners, if they want to create stable and long-term email marketing campaigns, one of the most important things is to avoid spam.

How to avoid Email Marketing Spam

spam-tipsIn fact, there are many aspects business owners should notice when dealing with email marketing spam, here we just list several of them, for example:

  • Getting Permission from People

In order to avoid email marketing spam, business owners and marketers could get permission before sending people emails. Confirm opt-in is a direct way, owners enable to send subscriber confirmation emails, and add them into contact lists until they confirm. In brief, ensure every contact in their database has opted-in to receive emails at the same time.

  • Upload Contact List Regularly

Owners will not be able to purchase contacts for their database from other third parties, while they need to update the contact list regularly to avoid email marketing spam. For an example, if a contact has opted in to receive certain type information of email, so it cannot be added to some other segments of the lists. Always send subscribers something they are not interested in, they will flag the email as spam.

  • Keep Email Format Simple

Emails will not look like advertisement by keeping email format simple, and this is another way to avoid email marketing becoming spam. Indeed, integrate one or two small images will make the email more graphic. However, instead of using complex background colors, larger and multiple fonts, business owners can try to create unique, short subject line with proper image and brief content.

  • Be care of URL links and HTML use

Email marketing spam always scatters links around the emails, attracting recipients click as much as they can. To avoid spam, business owners should restrict the use of URL links. Generally, have a single link in the email prominent place will be better. Of course, owners also need to use HTML wisely, and pay attention to aspects like bold text, headers, anchor text and etc.

  • Test Email before Sending

If business owners want to avoid becoming spam, then they should make tests before sending the emails to recipients. Check out emails which are going to send for their spelling, grammars, text, format, links, and images, and make sure they could pass traditional anti-spam techniques, and will not be flagged as spam.

How to Add Email Opt-in form to a Website

It is the high time to start an email list by putting an opt-in form on the website, if you are a business owner and you have valuable information to share with your clients. With which you are not only allowed to expand customer base, but also can gain direct access to these followers’ inboxes.

Once you are ready, take the following steps to add an email opt-in form to your website:

Choosing an reliable email marketing provider

There are many email marketing services available in the market that you can choose one for your requirements. For example, Aweber, the most famous one which is wieldy used among bloggers and businesses, or MailChimp, another well-known service that is free for the first 2,000 customers.

Creating opt-in form

As your choice, your form can behave in any way, but it would be better to pick form layout and colors that makes your website stand out enough for visitor to notice. Remember, it is always best to avoid pop up forms.

Copy the code and paste into the website

When the form was created, your provider would generate your form’s HTML code. You should:

  • copy the code
  •  go to the administrator page of your website
  • find HTML or CSS document
  • paste the code in the appropriate place

For WordPress or other provider, who have their own instructions for this, so you have to assure the applicable support documentation.

Add an incentive

Sometimes, you can gain email newsletter signups and more target customers by offering some additional values like ebook download or coupon, so an extra incentive for them to your list is a great shot.

You must keep in mind that do not buy or sell email lists ever, and do not send unsolicited emails.

Here are some advantages that you can take from email marketing

Cost-effective and Simple

Compared to other marketing methods like direct mail, spots and phone book listing, email marketing service takes only a small part of traditional marketing methods cost. It does not require a lot of investment.

And all you need to do is to know where your customers are and make sure that they are able to receive your messages during the daily email check.

High Return Rate

The customers you are emailing are those who have interested in your business. When done correctly, you could get a response to your action largely, which means higher returns from email marketing.

Fast Response

Unlike direct email, email marketing is an instantaneous type of communication. Because almost all people would check their inbox every day in this modern society, so as a business owner, you can get the fastest response for your business.

Easily Trackable

Generally, you can track open rate, ounce rate, unsubscribes, click-throughs and etc. with email marketing tools. That gives valuable analytics for your business and makes it success in the future.

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