Best Free Website Builder For Small Business

Every start-up or small business requires establishing its digital presence in order to achieve progress and success. It is hard for startup business to spend completely a lot of money on a shiny-dynamic websites. There is no need to worry as many best website builder software are available that offer basic services and tools and most of which are free of charge. In this article we will discuss about descriptive details of best free website builder software that provide their services free of costs.

Best free website builder software:



It is one of the most popular free website builders since it has been providing its services for many years now. Weebly would not charge you any hidden cost for any additional services. Everything is clear as mirror. There are various premium paid packages available with additional and advanced services. However, startup businesses are very less likely to need those much-advanced tools. The drag and drop website creation is the most famous tool provided by Weebly. This feature is highly recommended for the people who have almost zero experience in designing websites.


Wix is famous for two reasons. First, its interface is very user friendly and easy to operate when creating your website. Secondly, it provides a large number of templates that can be directly applied to your website thus saving a lot of  time that you might have spent in designing only. Wix also offers drag and drop feature that makes making your first website a painless and easy process. This tool is recommended for fresher in the field of website development.



Startup business requires a web site only for gathering enough audience. ‘Webs’ is quite famous among new businesses since it provides SEO functionality at universal level. It is a complete package of useful features such as built in indicators, website optimizer etc. Changing layout of your website is very easy. All the template themes are well designed so you are less likely to face any difficulty to find a best one that suits your requirements perfectly. SEO functionality is the most eye-catching feature of this tool.


DudaOne is one of the best innovative website builders. It produces quality websites that support responses and all the platforms such as mobiles. The interface is clear enough to learn easily. Most eye-catching feature of this builder is that it supports social media integration and built-in analysis system. It also offers cloud hosting supported by Amazon cloud. It is a complete package to set up a free, responsive website for small businesses. If you need advanced features, you can simply switch to premium business and professional packages to satisfy them. Advanced features include multi language support, push notifications, online stores for multiple categories and products, etc. Social media integration makes it a must use tool compared to others.

Site Builder:


Site Builder is considered as the simplest website designer. Despite of its simplicity, it is still an intuitive website design tool. It is said that Site Builder is the fastest one in creating a small dynamic website and getting it live on the internet. It is power packed with all the required tools to develop dynamic websites. Its interface is dynamically user friendly. No need to worry if your requirements are likely to rise in future! You can simply buy a premium package that comes with additional commercial and advanced tools. Premium packages of Site Builder are cheap compared to others.


Squarespace comes with professional website building performance. It is very much for those active in creative industry. It offers a variety of templates that are very good for writers, photographers, artists, etc. Visual effects are eye-catching features of any Squarespace template.  However, it makes them less customizable. Squarespace can help you build the most cleanly, responsive and especially attractive website. is one of the easiest website building platforms for beginners, which makes it quite famous among small and start-up businesses. It offers some most integrated website templates, that too free of costs. It is easy to track your website performance thanks to the analytic and SEO tools provided by WordPress. You will be definitely surprised to know that from every five new sites put over the internet, one of them is built using wordpress.


If one is looking for a small, professional and code free website developer tool, Yola can be the best online web developer choice. It provides many dynamic widgets along with drag and drop tools. It also provides blogging tools. However, it is included in premium package. Thus, Yola is only recommended if your needs are basic and not too much advanced. You will need to switch to paid account if your needs are rising constantly. It is famous among startup businesses for its cheap paid services.

IM Creator:

IM Creator too is a drag and drop tool that is used to produce professionally designed websites and that too with high responsive features. In free account, they offer second level domains and free space of 50 MB. 50 MB might sound less to you but it is quite enough since a small dynamic website that has 20 images will hold space of 20 to 30 MB only. It is because the entire website has text and images only. New templates are added regularly which increases the variety a lot.


Sitey can provide you a dynamic professional looking website with just a few clicks. In their free service they provide 50 MB storage, 5 MB upload allowance and 1 GB worth of band width. This is whole a lot advantage compared to other free services. With average traffic 1 GB of bandwidth will last you for more than 4 months. This can be said the best feature provided by Sitey website builders.


We hope this description of various service providers will help you to figure out which one of them suits your requirements in the best possible way. It will surely help you to choose best free website builder software for your startup or small business.

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