Best Free WordPress Blog Themes for 2017

WordPress is the most sought-after and highly preferred blogging platforms the is used by the websites across the world. It offers great flexibility and powerful features for the optimization of the websites. The users can achieve easy customizations and can offer a wide range of stylish appearances and visual appeal to their websites. There it is vital to choose the right WordPress theme for the blogging websites that is important to run any WordPress-powered website. A good and functional theme can offer your blogging site a unique character and can leave a positive impression to the visitors and the readers. With the help of a well-structured website, you can create a good rank for your website on the search engines. There are several WordPress blog themes that can accentuate the overall appearance as well as the performance of your website. Here are some of the best free WordPress themes for your blogging website.


his is a simple and interactive WordPress blog theme. It offers easy to use and user-friendly platform for creating an effective blogging website. This WordPress theme is an eloquent, responsive and highly tech-savvy WordPress theme for multipurpose blogging website. This theme has been designed to perform at the topmost level in the form of a multi-purpose website that offers great customization capabilities. There is also the presence of an intuitive visual page that can be very helpful for the beginners. If you happen to be a first-time website developer and have no prior experience with coding, even you can create and design an excellent blogging website with the help of Jevelin WordPress theme. This is a perfect theme for professional, business, personal as well as for the corporate websites in a seamless manner. Jevelin offers all the necessary stuff that the website developers of any blogging website would need to design their site in an effective manner. You can install Jevelin on your site today and observe the difference!


This is another name in the list of the best free WordPress themes for the blogging sites. As the name indicates, the Newspaper WordPress theme is excellent for the blogging websites that offer news, reviews and magazine articles. This is the best and the most sought-after WordPress theme for the news and magazine sites. This theme lets the users to tell the stories in more than just content form. They can make use of the dynamism, typography, and professional design. The modern look offered by the Newspaper WordPress theme is the perfect solution for any site looking out for an interactive and high-design theme for the blogging features. Newspaper offers unique and attractive designs for the travel blogs to the fashion news and much more –all on an integrated platform. There are more than 20 unique and stylish demos, intelligent ads system, integrated translations, and several features can make Newspaper a must-have theme. There are several useful options with this theme which can help the site designers in the designing of a unique homepage along with user-friendly features. This theme makes the best use of the SEO practices and includes the user-friendly features into the site.


best free WordPress themes

Divi is a highly creative and visually appealing WordPress blogging theme that can accentuate the overall appearance of the blogging sites with much ease. It offers highly technical and innovative approach to designing a social media-friendly website that can be easily customized as well. This is a highly responsive and clean as well as a multipurpose blogging website theme that can enhance the appearance along with the functionality of the website. Divi is a highly reliable and flexible WordPress theme that has been constructed with the aim of providing a one-stop solution to the website designers for designing their modern websites. All sorts of the blogging websites ranging from corporate, personal, commercial and other types of sites. Divi makes use of a special feature called Divi Builder that is a block-based visual page editor that can be used by the website designers for designing an effective and simple blogging website. There are more than 40 customizable content modules that can fit across any section and page. Try out Divi today and let the world know about your excellent blogging website!


best free WordPress themes

There could not be a better name for an efficient and minimalistic WordPress blogging theme. This is another from the array of the best free WordPress themes for the blogging sites. You can never be dissuaded or disappointed with this WordPress theme. This is a highly responsive and Retina-ready theme that can allow the readers for accessing each and every post from their smartphones and tablets. Therefore, if you wish to design a highly mobile-friendly blogging website, then this could be the perfect option for you. To top it all, the Writing WordPress theme is also compatible with all the web browsers for ease of use by the users. It is SEO optimized and therefore, your blogging site can never go out of the eyes of the search engines with the help of the Writing WordPress theme. There are more than 25 social share icons along with social share buttons, Facebook Open Graph tags and several other social icon widgets. There are several theme and blog variations including the Masonry, List, Grid Classic and several others. There is also the presence of the RTL support for supporting several languages like Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and several others. Moreover, with the help of the Writing WordPress theme, the users can also personalize the aesthetic presentation of the blogging site as there are unlimited options for the color and shade variations. This theme is great for even the beginners who have no skilled coding knowledge. Go ahead and install this WordPress theme for the desired success!

Wish to develop an excellent WordPress blogging website? You can make use of the best free WordPress themes that are specifically designed for the blogging sites. These themes can upgrade the aesthetic appearance along with the overall performance of your site in no matter of time. Good luck!


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