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As a web hosting operated by Microsoft ex-employees, Host4ASP.NET has very good reason to be your best choice when hosting ASP.NET site. Check out below review to know the reasons.




Reviewed by: on: 2016-11-14
Host4ASP.NET Review in below will make an analysis on the price value, reliability, ease-of-use and support of Host4ASP.NET.

Host4ASP.NET ( is a reliable web hosting provider focusing on ASP.Net hosting solutions. It only employs engineers who have over 10 years’ experience on Microsoft software and network to ensure the best ASP.NET hosting services for customers.

What’s more, Host4ASP.NET offers the low-price ASP.NET solutions to people while most of the ASP.Net hosting companies fix high prices on them.

Host4ASP.NET Special Discount

Host4ASP.NET sets its ASP.NET hosting at $2.95/mo as the starting price. However, this solution originally charges at $6.95/mo. Thus, customers will receive around 58% discount to purchase Host4ASP.NET hosting service.

Host4ASP.NET Exclusive Deal
58% Off

More than that, Host4ASP.NET also provides the money guarantee that is called 30-Day Money-back Guarantee. Within that period, customers will feel free to ask for their money back without any questions.

Host4ASP.NET Review on Price Value

Host4ASP.NET Offer Shared web Hosting, and Windows VPS hosting to their customers. Both of them are very competitive on price.

Host4ASP.NET Shared Hosting Reivew

Host4ASP.NET tailors 3 ASP.NET hosting plans for customers, which have high price value to choose according to their different hosting needs. And all three contain rich features to support people create powerful websites with ASP.NET technologies. For example, Host4ASP.NET windows hosting have up to unlimited space and bandwidth. Besides, it supports up to unlimited sites to customers as well.

Furthermore, customers will build their ASP.NET sites on superior servers with up to unlimited MSSQL 2012 and MySQL 5. Remote database is also included in all three plans that customers will get much benefit. Additionally, Host4ASP.NET provides multiple programming languages to set up sites, consisting of ASP.NET 1.1, 2, 3, 5SP1 and 4.5.

More than that, Host4ASP.NET hosting solutions have low prices along with rich features above, because Host4ASP.NET put little money on advertisement and marketing. Thus it decreases cost and customers will get the basic ASP.NET plan at $2.95/mo only.

So from feature and price aspects, Host4ASP.NET hosting solutions really have a high price value that is worthy trying.

Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS Review

Host4ASP.NET is the web host who specializes in ASP.NET hosting service. Therefore, its VPS hosting comes with two operating system edition options: Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 R2 Standard Edition.

At the same time, customers are allowed to choose from Barebone VPS, Developers VPS, Business VPS and Managed VPS multiple different solutions, in which, the space, RAM, bandwidth and IP these resources can be flexibly configured to satisfy customers’ specific requirements.

The basic configuration of Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting includes 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, 40GB disk space, 1 IP address and 400GB bandwidth. There are many other features that customers can add into their solutions. For example, MSSQL 2008/MSSQL 2012, MySQL 5, .NET framework, MVC, Silverlight, Mail Server, webmail, FTP, web ready and web deploy.


Host4ASP.NET also provides WebSitePanel for customers. By making full use of the premium control panel features and tools such as Snapshot taking and restoration, ISO image mount, system reinstallation and others, customers enable to start, reset and make the management of the whole server easily.

Another highlight of Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting is Hyper-V option. With its Hyper-V powered server, customers can control everything from the kernel up. It contains full OS customization, import & export virtual machine, monitor resource and more.

Host4ASP.NET not only ensures customers flexible billing terms from 1-month to 3-year, but also provides the service at very affordable prices. Normally, Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting price starts from 29.95/mo. If customers decide to go with long-term service, Host4ASP.NET will offer them up to 33% off to make its VPS hosting cheaper. As the result, Host4ASP.NET VPS price starts from only $19.95/mo.

Host4ASP.NET VPS Promotion
Up to 33% Off

Even better, Host4ASP.NET is one of the few providers who guarantees money back to VPS hosting customers. Within the first 30 days, customers are allowed to cancel their accounts and request money back if they are not satisfied with Host4ASP.NET VPS service.

Best Windows Reseller Hosting

If you like Host4ASP.NET hosting, you can consider to make some money by reselling their Windows hosting.  Host4ASP.NET reseller hosting service contains the newest Microsoft technologies, such as Windows operating system, SQL server, .NET framework and etc. In fact, Host4ASP.NET not only offers rich reseller hosting features & tools, but also gives customers full control over all factors of their web hosting businesses, from resource allocation, management to billing payment methods.

There are 3 reseller hosting packages available to choose, and they have different amounts of features and can meet the different needs of customers. Host4ASP.NET reseller hosting provides unlimited websites hosted, 50GB to 150GB disk space, 500GB to 1,500GB bandwidth, .NET 1.1/2/3.5SP1/4.5/5, MySQL & MSSQL 2012/2014, full trust allowed, ASP.NET MVC 2 to 6, URL rewrite and isolated application pool.

A complete suite of email features like unlimited email address & groups, SMTP, POP3/IMAP, webmail access and mail aliases are contained in Host4ASP.NET reseller hosting solutions. With the free offered WebSitePanel control panel, people are allowed to create web hosting packages, accounts, domains, emails, databases, and make easy management of their customers’ hosting.

Host4ASP.NET reseller hosting has Silver, Golden and Platinum three packages, and the original price of the reseller hosting starts from $43.25/mo. Customers can choose to 1-year, 2-year or 3-year payment, and receive up to 54% off to make Host4ASP.NET reseller hosting price from $19.95/mo.

Host4ASP.NET Reseller Promotion
Up to 54% Off

No matter which reseller hosting solution customers sign up with, Host4ASP.NET will not only offer them relevant discounts, but also guarantee 30-Day Money Back. Once customers are not happy with Host4ASP.NET reseller hosting, then they enable to cancel the service and ask for a refund within the first 30 days.

Host4ASP.NET Review on Reliability

Host4ASP.NET cooperates with top data centers in the industry to deliver customers fast website speed as well as great reliability. And these world-class datacenters have some same features: Cisco Firewall, DDoS Attack Response, redundant power as well as redundant network. So customers will find that uptime of their websites hosted at Host4ASP.NET is usually over 99.9%.

On top of that, Host4ASP.NET uses the advanced Dell servers based on 2× AMD Opteron 4226 with 12 cores. And professional engineers in data center are monitoring servers and data centers at every second and minute. Once there are problems, and they will fix them straight away. Thus, websites hosted by Host4ASP.NET performs fast and reliably.

Host4ASP.NET Review on Ease-of-use

Aimed at ASP.NET hosting, Host4ASP.NET engineers designs WebSitePanel control panel to customers, which will help them easily administrate FTP, database, domains, files, websites and more web services. In addition to that, WebSitePanel has 1-click installation function for customers to install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more apps simply.

Host4ASP.NET Review on Customer Support

Host4ASP.NET support service is responsive and also effective. Its support representatives know ASP.NET very well, and can be easily contacted through 24×7 Live Chat and Email methods. Our editor tests Host4ASP.NET customers support service personally, and receive instant response. So far, Host4ASP.NET support team keeps quite high customer satisfaction.

In addition to keeping in touch with the support directly, customers can also check out Host4ASP.NET online knowledgebase, where they will find tutorials and solutions of domain, FTP, control panel, virtual private server and many other common issues.

Host4ASP.NET is Perfect for DotNetNuke

While DotNetNuke is a key content management system in websites hosted on ASP.NET platform and Host4ASP.NET focuses on ASP.NET, here we will review whether Host4ASP.NET is good for DotNetNuke or not?

Host4ASP.NET Hosting is 100% Compatible with DotNetNuke

Host4ASP.NETAs an ASP.NET hosting company, Host4ASP.NET owns big advantages in rich features that its engineers design to satisfy the requirements of hosting DotNetNuke websites. What is most important for DotNetNuke sites is the server and Host4ASP.NET utilizes the latest Windows Server 2012 with IIS 8.0. Moreover, WebSitePanel is as the control panel to help people manage their DotNetNuke sites.

In addition to that, Host4ASP.NET equips a wide range of script languages in its DotNetNuke solution, which is useful to create DotNetNuke websites, such as ASP.NET version 1.1, 2, 3, 5SP1 and 4.5. Besides, Full Trust Level, URL Rewrite Module 2, classic ASP, MS SQL 2012 database, up to unlimited bandwidth and up to unlimited disk space are also included in Host4ASP.NET DotNetNuke hosting solution.

Customer Support for Host4ASP.NET DotNetNuke

A lot of people care much about customer support when choose DotNetNuke hosting, because they hope that their problems will be solved effectively once problems appear. Host4ASP.NET knows that well and builds an award-wining support team, responsible for solving different questions from customers around the clock via live chat and ticket.

From the feature, price, reliability, speed and customer support review, it is easy to see that Host4ASP.NET is good for DotNetNuke. Especially Host4ASP.NET provides pretty low prices for customers to build DotNetNuke websites, only at $2.95 per month!

Do We Recommend Host4ASP.NET?

Because it has only one focus that is ASP.NET hosting, Host4ASP.NET does craft one of the best ASP.NET hosting services to people. High price value, high reliability, enhanced control panel and 24/7 support of Host4ASP.NET hosting will be beneficial to numerous ASP.NET users. So we strongly recommend it to people who want to build ASP.NET websites.

And don’t forget to get its 58% discount and the starting price $2.95/mo.

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