Hostmonster vs. HostGator

hostmonster vs. hostgator logoHostmonster and Hostgator are two famous hosting companies who provide high quality hosting solutions. In below Hostmonster vs. HostGator, we will compare their hosting packages from features, speed, reliability, support service, and price to see which is better.

Who are Hostmonster and HostGator

Found in 1996, Hostmonster ( is well-known for offering high quality web hosting solutions at affordable prices. Due to that, the web host is also recognized as one of best web hosting in the industry. Till now, Hostmonster has been serving for more than one million websites.

Founded in 2002, HostGator ( has grown into an industry leader in hosting market with over 8 million websites under its management. The company provides a variety of services, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated server. According to some statistics, HostGator shares about 1% Internet traffic in the world.

Hostmonster vs. HostGator on Plans and Features

For shared hosting, both Hostmonster and HostGator provide three shared hosting packages within competitive hosting features included. However, compared to Hostmonster’s single Linux-based hosting, HostGator also offers Windows solution for meeting different needs.

In following, we compare Hostmonster Basic Plan with HostGator Hatchling Plan to see which has richer offerings and cheaper price.

Features Basic Plan Hatchling Plan
Free Domain Name  yes  no
Domain Hosting 1 1
Disk Space 50GB Unlimited
Shell Access  yes  yes
SSL Certificate  no yes
Price $3.95/mo $3.30/mo

Just from the above table, it’s hard to say whether Hostmonster or HostGator has provided higher price value. But if customers upgrade to their largest size plans, they will find that both Hostmonster and HostGator offers rich features, but HostGator charges for lower price at only $5.95/mo.

As to VPS, both Hostmonster and HostGator have developed the best VPS hosting based on Linux platform in the industry. Hostmonster VPS, built on powerful cloud technology, features with managed services, instant provisioning, and guaranteed resources. While HostGator provides both fully-managed and semi-managed VPS packages to cater to different specifications. All HostGator VPS packages have flexible software options included and utilize cutting edge hardware like RAID-10 storage and 32-core AMD Opteron 6376 processors to optimize performance.

When it comes to dedicated hosting, HostGator, without any doubt, is the winner for offering one of the best dedicated server hosting solution in the world. Customers of HostGator can choose to host their websites on Linux server or Windows server as required.

No matter which server they purchase, they can benefit from HostGator’s full management service and rich server configurations. Even the basic dedicated server brings customers with Intel Xeon Dual core processors in speed of 2.3GHz per core, 4GB of RAM, 10TB bandwidth, 500GH RAID-1 storage, 2 dedicated IPs, and cPanel/Plesk control panel.

hostgator dedicated hosting--1

Besides the above, HostGator has one of the best reseller hosting solution along with everything necessary for resellers to start their web hosting businesses. By contrast, Hostmonster doesn’t offer any reseller hosting programs.

Clearly, HostGator outperforms Hostmonster if just in terms of plans and features included, though both of them have quite remarkable shared hosting solutions.

Hostmonster vs. HostGator on Pricing

Regularly, Hostmonster web hosting starts at $7.99/mo. Now with the latest Hostmonster coupon, all Hostmonster new customers could receive 50% off, after which the price is low to only $3.95/month. In addition, Hostmonster guarantees “Anytime Money Back” allowing customers to request full money back if cancellation happens within the first 30 days and request prorated refund thereafter.

Hostmonster $3.95/mo
50% Off

On the other side, the regular price of HostGator web hosting is set at $10.95/mo. For customers who go with a yearly plan, they could receive 45% to 69% discount off to make the price as low as $3.30/mo with a 36 months billing term. The premise is customers use the coupon code “rsosaveas1” while purchasing. Likewise, customers will covered by HostGator’s 45-day money back guarantee.

HostGator Coupon Code

HostGator now is promoting its VPS hosting by offering up to 63% off, making the solution charge from $7.38/mo instead of $19.95/mo normally. And its dedicated server hosting is also quite affordable that is billed at $76.56/mo, after cutting 56% off normal price.

Hostmonster vs. HostGator on Speed

In terms of speed, both companies manage to deliver fast web server service with nearly full uptime.

Hostmonster owns 3 data centers locations in Provo, UT, all of which are equipped with fast connection to locations around the world. Besides, the web host uses customized web servers, creates a nationwide fiber network, and builds its own custom Linux kernel. All above mentioned will bring Hostmonster customers exceptional experience on performance.

HostGator partners with SoftLayer for all primary datacenters and network service, and the server hardware it makes use of are 100% Dell servers, latest Intel Xeon processors, and RAID-1 drives, the combination of which are far more reliable and powerful than most of web hosts.

Below is the speed testing we have executed in multiple locations, from which you can see that the speed of Hostmonster and HostGator are very close.


Hostmonster vs. HostGator on Customer Support

The support teams of Hostmonster and HostGator are 24/7 available and can be contacted through phone call, live chat, and email methods. Besides, both companies provide customers with User Forum and hundreds of video tutorials.

HostGator runs a 20% promotion for 2 years, but looks like the hosting company hasn’t expanded its customer service team accordingly which cause a very long waiting time. To the more, please check out Hostgator complaints. If HostGator cannot find a way to resolve the issues, it might become a new bad example of growing too fast. In this sense, Hostmonster offers a little bit better service to the customers, and it is able to maintain a very high customer satisfaction rate

Who is Better

After comparing Hostmonster with HostGator in every aspect, we find that both them have offered high quality web hosting features, good performance, and friendly support service. So, if customers are looking for a best share hosting solution at a truly affordable price, either Hostmonster or HostGator can well fulfill their requirements. But if they are demanding for a reliable VPS or dedicated server solution to build a professional websites with high traffic, we would like to recommend them to go with HostGator rather than Hostmonster.

To know more about HostGator, please visit and do not forget to take advantage of its 69% off deal by using the coupon code “rsosaveas1”. Or you can further read our Hostgator Review.

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