How Drupal Makes Complete Business Sense

What is Drupal if not a robust CMS that makes complete business sense? A number of organizations utilize Drupal technology to build their websites because of the user-friendliness it provides and the level of customization you can achieve with the help of Drupal. The flexibility and scalability provided by Drupal to a website help organizations incorporate changes quickly and it helps them grow without worrying too much about the website as it scales up with the growth of the company.

What is Drupal?


For the uninitiated, Drupal is a content management system which has the foundations of a PHP-template. The technology MySQL database setup is used by developers to create websites of varied complexities. A website created with Drupal is flexible, scalable and easy to update. It features a modular structure, which means that you can use its wide spectrum of modules to customize a website.

How does it make complete business sense?

Now that we know what is Drupal, and we have the basics out of the way, let us find out how it makes complete business sense.

Better Control

With technology on the rise and the internet setting a new pace for business, organizations often feel that they are losing control of their website, because everything has to be done by the IT team or an outsourced web development team. Either ways, with lesser control over the website, it is difficult to make changes or correct mistakes quickly.

On the other hand, Drupal features a secure administration system which can be controlled and used by anyone without having a lot of knowledge about web development. This is what makes it useful for business owners. Adding content or changing the content is easy and business owners can also add new features on their website.


With over 40,000 modules available for free, Drupal provides you with a robust and flexible structure which can be molded into a design that you prefer along with features that will be good for your organizational goals.

The fact that it is free makes it great for business owners of all types. Small or big, if your business requires a website, Drupal can provide a flexible website for your business needs. You can mix and match a number of modules to create the website you desire.



Every business owners wants to have a website which is secure. We have heard too much about website security going down too quickly because of weak structures. While there is no way that you can warrant the security of your website, Drupal has a strong security system in place to ensure that Drupal websites are secure and the risk of security threats are minimized.

Make sure that your modules and the core is updated regularly so that you can continually enjoy a robust security system provided by Drupal. This is one of the reasons why a number of website owners choose Drupal for their websites. With a strong security system in place, there is no doubt that it makes complete business sense. If you choose a secured Drupal hosting service, your web site should be in safe after it.

App Integration

Drupal helps business owners create a larger presence and reach out to a higher number of potential customers by integrating apps to the website. The integration of social network platforms can help you reach out to a larger customer base when your users share your content through the different platforms.

Integrating different apps is helpful and very effective in personalizing the customer experience. It increases customer engagement and helps you reach out to more customers. Let your customers find you beyond the website. Connect with them through the integrated apps on your website to establish a better relationship with your users.

Adds Brand Value

Brands often find free CMS modules to be restrictive in nature. But with Drupal, you do not have to worry about sticking to the guidelines of your brand. You can easily customize the different design templates so that you can have your brand’s name, color and logo on the website.

It helps you add more brand value and your customers are able to easily connect your brand with your website when they visit it. It helps in a smoother experience for customers who are able to view the brand, as is, in all the different forms of media used by the brand.


Mobile ready websites are the need of the hour. With an increased portion of your audience using smartphones and tablets to access the website, you must ensure that your website caters to this audience effectively.

Drupal offers a mobile ready architecture, ensuring that it can be optimized so that it can be viewed easily on screens of different sizes. A good business enterprise utilizes a responsive website so that it can be accessible for more potential customers.

These are some of the reasons why Drupal makes complete business sense. Established business owners as well as beginners, find Drupal to be a reliable technology on which they can base their website. It is very secure and it makes sure that the customers who access the websites enjoy a feature-rich website by making numerous free modules available to website owners.

It empowers businesses to create scalable websites which can be scaled up or down according to their needs without too many hassles. A number of small and big business organizations who operate locally as well as globally have success online by using a Drupal website.

You must have a business website which is in sync with your business objectives and is able to bring in more customers. It should be able to augment the company revenue and help in providing a rich digital experience to the customers. Drupal helps you achieve all of this and much more through your website.


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