How to Create a Filterable Portfolio in WordPress?

Are you intended to create a filterable portfolio in WordPress? There are several and simpler ways to create WordPress filterable portfolio. If you happen to be a photographer, then you might come around the need of having a WordPress filterable portfolio on your site. The filters used on the site could be in several forms of multiple tags like weddings, newborn, portrait and several more. Through this article, we will enlighten you about the ways through which you can create a filterable portfolio in WordPress with much ease and convenience.

Why Create a Filterable Portfolio in WordPress?

WordPress filterable portfolio

Usually, most of the photographers and creative designers tend to simply create a beautiful portfolio that would just display the array of the best photographs shot by them. However, many a time, when the leading business companies would be looking forward to hiring the candidates of photography and designing, then you might be in need of some exceptional photography or designing portfolio. For instance, if someone is looking for a fashion photographer, then the person might wish to see some of the work in the fashion niche. In such cases, it becomes imperative to develop and design an attractive and enticing portfolio that could make you the most desirable candidate for any company. This is where the role of the filterable portfolio in WordPress comes to the rescue of the photographers or the designers.

With the addition of specialized filters, tags and effects to the images or the designs, you can show your work under different attractive tags and captions. This will help the users in easily sorting the items in the individual portfolio.

In WordPress, there is no option to filter a portfolio by default. The users would need a WordPress plugin for the addition of tags to the images or photos on your site. This WordPress plugin should also prove helpful in the addition of filtering features to your portfolio on the WordPress site. One such WordPress plugin for enabling WordPress filterable portfolio is the Envira Gallery plugin.

If you wish to create a filterable portfolio on your WordPress site, then you can take help from the steps as mentioned below:

Install and Activate Envira Gallery Plugin on Your Site :

WordPress filterable portfolio

For the first thing, you would need to install Envira Gallery plugin and then activate the same on your WordPress site.

Install and Activate Tags Addon :

Once the installation and the activation of the Envira Gallery plugin are complete on your WordPress site, the next step is to go the Envira Gallery and then proceed to Addons. Here, you can install and activate the Tags addon. The Tags addon can help you in adding several custom tags to each image or photo on your site present in separate galleries. With the help of this addon, the users can query a customized gallery from the tags that can be used for the images. In addition to this, the users can also achieve the animated tag filtering within the galleries.

Create an Image Gallery in Envira Gallery Plugin :

WordPress filterable portfolio

The next step is to proceed to the Envira Gallery and then go on to the option Add New. With this option, the users can create their first image gallery on the WordPress site. This gallery will become the filterable portfolio in your site.

Addition of Filters to Images :

Once you have added all the images in your personalized gallery, now you go ahead to scroll down to the images tab. You would observe a pencil icon that is present next to the picture thumbnail. You can click on the same to edit the images as per your choice and preference. Once you would advance with this feature, you would also see an option for editing the metadata of the images. Under the Tag field, you can proceed and then even add a tag under this image that could be anything describing the image. Once you have added the tag, you can then click on “Save Metadata” icon. To post each of the images in your personalized gallery with individual tags, you can proceed with the process.

Publish the Filterable Portfolio and Copy the Shortcode :

Once you have added the desired tags on all the images in your gallery, you can go ahead and click on the Publish option. You will come across a shortcode and various other forms of information that are present on the Envira Gallery plugin widget section. From here, you would need to copy the shortcode as you would need the shortcode for the next series of steps.

Display the Filterable Portfolio in a Page or Post :

Now that you have also published the filterable portfolio with the desired tags, filters and effects; you can finally proceed to the Pages or Posts option in the Envria Gallery WordPress plugin, and then select Add New option. This will prompt the users to add new posts or images or the existing ones on different posts or pages. In the visual editor, you can simply paste the shortcode that you had copied before. After this, you can just click on the Update icon.

This is all for achieving the WordPress filterable portfolio with the help of an effective and useful WordPress plugin known as the Envira Gallery plugin.

WordPress filterable portfolio

In addition to the Envira Gallery plugin, you can also make use of various other methods or plugins that are available for filtering the portfolio on your WordPress site. If you truly wish that your work should get the desired attention and that your portfolio stands out as the best from the rest, then you can make use of the effective tools and plugins for WordPress that are available on the Internet. These tools or plugins are quite simple to install and activate and can help you in achieving the desired filter as per your choice. Do not wait anymore to make your portfolio the best. Grab the golden chance to design the best filterable portfolio on your WordPress site.

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