How to Create Articles and Pages in Drupal?

If you have been using the Drupal sites for a long time, then you must be aware that there are two types of content that can be used in the Drupal sites: Pages and Articles. The content type on the Drupal sites is used to define the way in which the collection and displaying of the content are done in the sites. Content types can be used to denote the container in which all the files share the same characteristics. Some fields in the Drupal sites are part of the content types. Some of the modules in the Drupal site are capable of creating their own content types.

At the same time, some modules are not capable of creating the content. Those modules that can create the content type have unique fields that can define the content type. The modules can also add custom fields that can be added by making use of the command: Structure >> Content Types menu. This command is the part of the Drupal 7 Core. We will enlighten you more about the different types of content and their usage in the Drupal site with the help of the Drupal tutorials.

There are various types of content that can be supported by the Drupal sites:


Drupal tutorials

An article can be considered to be the ideal content type that can help in the creation and the displaying of the news. This news can do the job of engaging the visitors to the Drupal site. It can play an important role in driving more traffic to the concerned website. The articles in the Drupal site can enlighten the readers by presenting them what they want to know with the help of the Press Releases and various forms of site announcements. On the Drupal sites, the articles are featured by default automatically on the home page. This also provides the ability to post the comments on the articles. The website owners can also add new fields in the desired content type in the article by following the command structure > content type > article. By clicking on the desired fields settings, the users can add several new fields as well.

Basic Page

This is another type of content that can be used for the creation and the displaying of information that can rarely change about the Drupal site. This includes the sections like “About Us” or “Contact Us” sections of the Drupal site. The main difference between the articles and the basic page is that the basic page does not allow the user’s or the visitor’s comments. The basic page is also not supported or featured on the initial home page of the Drupal site.

The articles are the dynamic type of content on the Drupal site. Whereas, the basic page can be considered to be more on the static side. This has been explained in the Drupal tutorials by the experts.

Creation of the Page on the Drupal Site


For the purpose of explaining the creation of the pages in the Drupal site, you would need to understand the details of the same in the Drupal tutorials. This can be done by taking an instance of the About Us page and then assigning it to the top menu of the Drupal site.

  • To begin the same, you can login into the admin account of the Drupal site and then you can select the Content menu.
  • Once the page has loaded, you can select the Add Content icon on the top of the screen.
  • Next, you can click on the basic page content type from the list that will be provided by the Drupal site.
  • Now, the default content editor of the Drupal site will appear. You can then add a Title to the basic page on the Drupal site and it will be in the content form.
  • The basic page can then be added to the top of the navigation section of the Drupal site. Then you can scroll down and then click the ‘provide a menu link’ option.
  • After this, the users can select the menu link title and even the desirable weight for the particular menu.
  • Finally, towards the end of the Drupal tutorials, you can click save option to publish the desired basic page on the Drupal site.

Creation of an Article on the Drupal Site

In the Drupal tutorials, you would observe that the creation of the articles is quite similar to the creation of the basic pages for the Drupal site.

  • You can start by selecting content button > Add Content. However, this time you would need to select the Article rather than the basic pages.
  • After this, you can add the desired content. Under the tag fields, you can add different tags that can help on the proper organization of the articles on the Drupal site.
  • Once you have entered your content, you can click on the “Publishing option” icon. Here, under the Drupal tutorials, you can learn about the various ways in which the articles can be published on the Drupal site.
  • Finally, you can press the save icon on the site. After this, you can open the site. You can now see the published article on the Drupal site.

Drupal tutorials

With so many different types of content, the articles and the basic pages are the most important on the Drupal site. With the help of the Drupal tutorials, the users can learn about the ways to publish the articles and basic pages in addition to the different types of content on the Drupal sites. By publishing the right content on the Drupal sites, the online business owners can be benefited to a great extent as the different types of content on the site will help in bringing the desired traffic. Moreover, the right type of content can also help in engaging the targeted customers on the Drupal site. This will increase the overall profits of the online business.

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