How to Display the Last Updated Date of Your Posts in WordPress?

Do you wish the WordPress update post modified date in your site? You might have observed several websites regularly updating their posts. Several sites also to show their viewers when the site was last updated. If you are working on an updated niche or platform like WordPress, then the update date of the posts can have a major impact in filtering the viewers and their search patterns. Google understands this fact and thus has included publish date factor into the ranking algorithm for the various sites. Google also helps in the displaying of the publish as well as the update date in the SERPs. This helps in informing the searchers or the viewers as to how timely or update a particular post is.

The older a particular post will be, there are fewer chances of this post getting the required clicks. If an article was written some time back doesn’t imply that it is bad or less informative. Even if the content is as relevant as the day it was published, the searchers or the viewers would still regard the older posts with doubt. To resolve this problem, several WordPress users tend to update their content on a regular basis. When you would keep updating your older content on a regular basis will drive traffic to it as it will ensure that the content is still relevant.

WordPress update post modified date

However, the problem with WordPress is that it won’t display by default that your content has been updated. But, it is still possible. You can enable the WordPress update post modified date for particular content on your site. Here are some top ways to show the update date for the updated content on your site.

Show Last Updated Date Before Posting Content :

To enable the same, you would need to implement a set of code in the function.php file of the site’s theme or on the site-specific plugin of your WordPress site. The particular code would check to see if the published date of the post and the last modified dates are different. If this is the case, then the code would display the last modified date before each post content. The users can also include some customized CSS for enhancing the overall style of the appearance of the WordPress update post modified date.

Addition of Last Updated Date in Theme Templates :

WordPress update post modified date

With the help of this method, the users can edit the specific theme files of the WordPress site. There are several themes present on the platform of WordPress that can be used by the website owners for making use of their own template tags. These template tags can be used to define and specify how these themes can reflect to show the post meta data like time and date. Some of the WordPress themes also make use of several content templates or the parts of the templates for displaying the particular posts.

The themes that are a bit simpler can make use of the archive.php, single.php, and several other template files for showing the meta information and the content posts. The website owners could be looking for the particular code that is responsible for displaying the time and date on the posts. As such, the website owners can either replace the existing code with the following one or they can also add the same just after the time and date code of the particular WordPress theme used by the website owners.

Making Use of the Last Modified Timestamp :

WordPress update post modified date

To enable the WordPress update post modified date, you would first of all need to install the required plugin. After the installation is done, you can proceed to the WordPress dashboard. From there, you can go to options Plugins and then Add New menu. With the help of the “Search Plugin” field, the website owners can search for the option “WP Last Modified”. Once you have found the same, you can click on Install Now. After this, you can select Activate Plugin.

The plugin would serve major functions:

  1. It helps in displaying when the content of the particular WordPress site was last modified for the viewers or the visitors.
  2. It also informs the search engines when the content on the site was last modified by the addition of the ‘revised’ meta-tag to the particular post.

When this information is available, the updated content that is posted on the WordPress site is likely to have more chances of ranking better on the various search engines. As a result of this, there are more chances that your content will receive more clicks from the visitors and thus this would lead to increased traffic for your site. The plugin is quite simpler to use. There are just a few simple steps that you would need to implement for configuring the plugin onto your WordPress site. You would first need to go to Settings and then WP Last Modified option.

Under this, you can spot two different sections on the configuration screen:

  1. Last Modified Timestamp for the visitors
  2. Revise Date Meta Information for the search engines.

You can enable WordPress update post modified date with the help of the Last Modified Timestamp option. For displaying the timestamp, you can also select the format of the text displayed and the date that is being displayed on the site. With the help of the Revise Date Meta Information, you can activate the revised date tag by clicking on two activation boxes: one for the pages and the other for posts.


WordPress update post modified date

By enabling the WordPress update post modified date on your site, you can assure great success to the overall online business. It can help a lot in attracting the targeted customers or visitors and then increasing the amount of traffic on your site. As a result of this, you can increase the chances of higher conversion rate for your site as well. In totality, the method of updating the date of last modified content is beneficial for your online business.

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