How to Install a WordPress Child Theme

WordPress is one of the most used Content Management Systems (CMS) today. This platform is mostly used for bloggers; however, it can also be used to efficiently manage diminutive commercial websites. One of the best ways to build a site with WordPress backend is to install a WordPress child theme plugin that suits your requirements. You can hire any web developer or firm to make your own WordPress child theme from scratch, or you can also purchase pre-created WordPress child themes.

Installing a WordPress child theme could be a headache for a novice, especially if, this requires manual technique. A lot of themes come pre-installed on hosting servers, however, if you would like to use any other theme, you have created or bought, you would have to chase the manual technique to do it.

Here are a few steps, which would help you out in case you need a manual technique to install the WordPress child theme

  • Log-in to the managerial area of your WordPress blog. WordPress child theme plugin
  • Once you are logged in look over on the left-hand side of the display and find a heading that shows Appearance. If you do not perceive any links under this heading, click on the arrow now to the right of the utterance Appearance. This will then bring down the list of links situated under this section.
  • Find the link that shows Add New Themes and click on that link.
  • The right-hand side of your display will then load up with manifold dissimilar search alternatives. The easiest technique to find a design is to enter a phrase or a word that either relates to your site or that explains a color you would like to use for your blog design. You can enter this word in the search box at the top of the display.
  • Underneath this search box is a list of checkboxes and their explanations. This is obliging to use if you would like to get a little more comprehensive with your child theme. For example, you can search for only those designs that are two columns wide, ones that are an exact color, ones that have a fluid or fixed width, ones that come with definite features and so on.
  • If you are just starting out, these supplementary options may appear a little irresistible at first so take some time to play around with these dissimilar sections and observe what kinds of themes are displayed so that you can begin to figure out what you like and what you do not like about the dissimilar styles.
  • After you have entered in your search criteria and searched for a design, the child themes matching your criterion will be exhibited. To observe what the WordPress child theme plugin would look like click the Preview link underneath the design you are interested in. Furthermore, you can also click on the picture itself which will also bring up a preview.
  • Once you have found one you are glad about clicking the Install link just underneath the design you like. This will bring up a supplementary screen which will ask you to verify that you do in fact desire to install the design you have selected. Click on the Install now button which is situated on your right.

Once it is finished installing, you will be given three options. You can preview the new design, make active it, or return to the child theme installer to search for more designs.

What you will see is a search page that lets you rapidly search through all the free WordPress child theme plugin presently on the WordPress website. Pick a few parameters, such as width, color, the number of columns or click on one of the rapid tags like Newest or Featured. You will see the themes that match your search displayed for you with links for Install and Preview at the bottom of each thumbnail.

The Preview feature is attractive and neat as it allows you to observe how the new child theme will look on your website. Keep in mind, however, that once in a while things will look a bit messed up. The new child theme your are previewing has many dissimilar parameters and settings than the current theme so some things may look a bit out of place at first and require a bit of managing.

For example, if you have a blog that is catering to the female readers and writing about cooking and beauty tips, you should have a suitably themed blog, with possibly a white or a pink background with effects and designs that are liked by girls. Similarly, tech blogs, travel blogs, personal blog, health blogs all need to have child themes that can be modified according to the theme.

The Preview link, in this case, will demonstrate you a preview of what your newly preferred design will look like on your live website. If you are happy with it, then you can click Activate which means it will be live on your site as soon as you click that link.

And that is all to installing a WordPress child theme plugin on your own blog! But, here is a useful little tip to help you out.

WordPress child theme plugin

If you head back to your main managerial area and go back to the Appearance link where we were before, you can click on Themes and this will demonstrate you all of the child themes you have installed so far. If at any time you would like to change the look of your blog again, just click the Activate under any of the already-installed child themes and your website design will change right away.

So now you know how to install WordPress child theme and even how to modify the look of your blog rapidly in the future.

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