How To Keep The Information Secure In Cloud?

Being IT personnel, you are much likely to know about the breach performed on Apple servers. More than that, it is often heard about pictures of various celebrities without them being willed. So, it is important to know how to secure data in cloud computing. As a CEO of any company or even an owner of a startup, nothing is important than maintaining security of your data.


Firms that use cloud storage services have some points that can be tweaked in order to solidify the safety of your data. Here are some reasons why you need to rethink about the security of your data stored on cloud hosting services.

Why recheck cloud security options:

Magnitude of risk related with data theft is not recognized by most of the business owners. If attacks can be made on large entities such as Apple, business entities of all sizes are under treat. Data breaches are a possibility at any time. It is important for any business to be very serious about security policies of their cloud storage providers. Additional measures are required to be taking in concern in specific situations and circumstances including followings:

  • When your employees are allowed to work remotely through their laptops, PCs or mobiles, it is important to have the same level of security as they have in your office.
  • In daily operations of any business, sharing of documents that may contain sensitive information is a frequent activity. This kind of information might be shared with third party providers, clients and outside organization. It must be made sure that your information or documents are not going in wrong hands in any possible way.
  • Be aware of where your data are physically being stored by your cloud storage provider. If your data is being stored offshore, there is increased possibility of various risks. You can contact the provider and make sure that your data is being stored near your locality or at least it is not stored offshore.

How to secure data in cloud computing:


It is not possible for any organization for being completely immune from attack. However, some strong and wide range tactics can be applied to fight at best level from intentional attacks. It is a great way to discourage such attackers and keep the risk and damage at its minimal level. Here are some techniques and strategies that would be helpful in order to learn how to secure data in cloud computing:

  1. Using hard-to-guess passwords:

Passwords are most common method of encrypting information on many platforms other than cloud storages. It is important to choose a password professionally rather than just selecting any keyword related to your business. Several characteristics are incorporated by passwords in order to deter hackers. These characteristics may include use of lower and upper case letters, symbols and number of characters. It is recommended to use more than 10 characters in a password so automated password generators will take whole a lot of time decrypting it.

  1. Limiting the access:


People who have allowed accessing your data should not have over access to data they do not need in their work. Their access should be limited to the data required by them in their regular work on daily basis. Encryption management keys can be discussed with your provider in order to make sure that access is limited.

  1. Backing up sensitive data:

File sharing and syncing are effective for backing up documents. However, they should not replace the method of external devices. It is important to back up data physically and virtually. In such circumstances, the damage and loss to your firm would be minimal in circumstances such as crash, damage or attacks.

  1. Storing personal and corporate data individually:

In professional environment, this format is a must follow thing. According to which, your database should store the personal data and corporate data individually. You should clearly communicate with your employees if they are allowed or not to store data in their personal devices. If yes, then which data is allowed and which is not. Required encryption methods should be also clear.

  1. Applying strong encryption:


Private data is stored everywhere. From mobile devices to cloud storage regardless to the database type, there is more or less personal data present. Such storage platforms must be protected with high end encryption settings. There are many ways of encrypting data such as passwords, zip files and many other encryption software. They help a lot in order to keep the information in safe or say right hands and safe from hackers as well.

  1. Avoid storing sensitive material on cloud:

And the reality is: cloud storage can never be completely safe. So always remember that cloud storage is never safe for trade secrets and other sensitive information. Keep them stored on offline storage solutions such as encrypted disks and more like that, but cloud is not an option for such information.


We hope these tips and tricks would definitely help you in order to understand how you can keep the information safe on cloud storages. Always remember that security matters a lot when it comes to storing sensitive information. Make sure that cloud you picking up is satisfying all your necessary requirements. Never let your information fall in a cloud that is not encrypted with advanced security.

Nothing is important in business than keeping our information safe and secure. Following these tips will help you to fight back against damage and attacks.

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