How to Make Your WordPress Site Seo Friendly

An SEO friendly WordPress site has all the necessary features so the search engine can easily read and comprehend what the specific site is all about. The sayings are that WordPress happens to be one of the best CMS platforms with a horde of features. However while WordPress is a great CMS platform, it isn’t SEO friendly – it needs to be made SEO friendly. The internet is dumped with misleading information. Don’t go into a thinking that whatever you do on your website will be looked up by the search engines. There are many ways that could help you have a WordPress website which is SEO friendly. Here are some WordPress SEO tips which could help you achieve your goal.

Tags Should be Optimized

WordPress SEO tips

In the first point of the WordPress SEO tips, the websites are labeled by the tags and meta tags and using them the search engines conclude what the website is about. They are good pointers for not only the search engines but also for the people who are looking something on the net too. The title tag, meta description, and alt tags should all have the intended keywords.

Title Tags:

Although keywords are important in title tags, try to add in the branding at the end. Usually, it is said that the title tags should be limited to 70 characters only but it doesn’t mean you put up anything that is fitting. Use more than 70 characters but explain about the page in a proper way.

Meta Description:

We all understand that the ‘first impression is the last impression’ leaving a good impression on your readers will have you drawing easy crowd to your website. The search engines use meta descriptions for constructing results page. Your meta description should always be applicable to the content and its title. A 154 character line us considered to be good.

Header Tags:

WordPress SEO tips

Once the header tags had great importance in the search engines they no longer have the same prominence as they did earlier. However, they make the content hierarchically and semantically accurate. People tend to read and easily recollect those content that come with header tags.


The URL slug should not look ugly, make them descriptive so the search engines find them easy to understand. is what you should be having instead of /%category%/%nameofpost%/. This is not something that the search engines would look for.

Image Attributes:

Pictures are used to beautify the website and for people to easily understand what you are trying to say. They even pep up something which is not interesting. The search engines understand the pictures through image filenames and alt tags whereas the people understand the pictures through image titles and captions. Keeping the alt tags and image titles the same while the image filenames and caption same are really helpful. Remember to fill these fields while you are uploading the pictures.

Speed Up the WordPress Website

WordPress SEO tips

More in WordPress SEO tips is improving the speed of your WordPress website. One of the ways to do this is to limit the number of plugins that you are using. Plugins should always be updated and if they are not in use delete them. Even if they are dormant and not in use they are using up the space and will slow down the website.

Themes that come will bulky codes tend to hamper the proper functioning of your website. Use simple themes but ensure they are well coded. Also use responsive themes. Such themes automatically adjust images, layout and menu items according to the device that is being used. Even Google encourages people to use responsive themes.

Adding link or text ads are way better than using javascript or image based ads. They are highly infectious and slow down websites.

If you think none of it seems to be working and the performance of your website is still taking a lot of downloading time then change your host. Various hosts take different time to process MySQL queries and PHP files.

Your website will become more usable your WordPress website has speed. The users will hang around in your site for a longer time thus increasing the conversion rate too.


While the people enjoy browsing your website they should also be motivated to read the content in it. Just like ambience is what matters when people go out to dine or spend their holiday, they look for the same thing in the virtual world. Anything that is clean, unpretentious and modest will always be accepted by the crowd. Use a readable font. Anything which is readable will inspire the people to read. The contrast, size of the font, white space, line height and paragraphs should be kept in mind while you are posting content on the website.

Every like or share that happens in your website is taken in to account by the search engines. Make your content easily shareable; let the people share what they like with their friends and family. There is an array of plugins that lets you add attractive social share buttons in your post. You could look up on Google or try downloading one from the WordPress website.

Link Related Posts

Linking your website both internally and externally is important so that the users may always be able to read what interests them. Link within your posts, this way your other content will also be read. You would also make shorter posts with a lot of details by linking. Any website which has been interlinked becomes easy for the search engines to index. To make the job easier there are a variety of plugins available which will have the job done in no time.

WordPress SEO tips

The above WordPress SEO tips are easy to follow and implementable too. With more websites stepping in the web the SEO seems to become tougher every day. There are many more ways to make a WordPress site SEO friendly and these are just a few. However these simple tips don’t require any technical knowledge and can be done by anyone.

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