How to Minify JavaScript/CSS Files in WordPress?

Do you wish to minify CSS and JS WordPress files? One of the major ways of the search engines like Google used for the evaluation of the efficiency of your site is the page load speed of your site. Even the visitors to your site evaluate the performance of your site as per the speed of the page loading of your site. This is quite important for the online brand image and for building dedicated consumers especially the first-time visitors to your site. If the pages of your site are taking longer than usual to load, then there are higher chances that the visitors to your site would go away only to never return.

CSS and JS WordPress files

There are a lot of files on the site. These include the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript codes as well. There is a great need for these codes to be fast and clean to optimize the overall performance of your site. However, these codes usually include a lot of comments, extra white spaces and several formatting that are not needed by the computers at all. These might make your site run slow. However, these can be fixed. For this, you need to minify CSS and JS WordPress files. Let us provide you a deeper insight into the same.

What is Minify and Why is it Needed?

Minify is a term used in the programming scenario that refers to the removal of the unwanted symbols or characters that are not required for the execution of the CSS or JS code. With the help of minifying, you can speed up the loading speed of the subsequent pages of your site. This would, therefore, result in the optimized performance of your site. The minifying of the CSS, HTML or JS code involves removal of the white space characters, comments, block delimiters, or the new line characters.

How to Minify CSS and JS WordPress Plugin?

CSS and JS WordPress files

Minifying by Hand :

Minifying is as simple as to be achieved manually itself. However, the removal of the various characters by hand could involve the risk of the introduction of several more errors into the code. However, if the code is simple enough, you can try removing the white spaces and the comments on your own to minify the overall code. Unless you are quite aware of which characters you should remove, it is recommended that you should perform minifying with the help of a tool.

Make Use of Closure Tools:

Closure tools are the set of effective tools from the side of the Google developers. The Closure tools include several features that can help in speeding up the JavaScript code. Here are some of the closure tools to minify CSS and JS WordPress plugin:

  1. Closure Compiler: The Closure Compiler is used to optimize the JS code that can help in rewriting the code and then minimizing the dead spaces. This will help the code to quicker downloading. This tool will also check the variable references, syntax, and several variable types and will also warn the users about the common issues in the JS code. With the help of this effective tool, the code will be optimized, easier to maintain and less buggy. It also makes the code less compact and improves the overall performance.
  1. Closure Linter: Nearly all of the coders of Google make use of the closure Linters for writing the JS codes. The closure linter checks the files for the presence of any issues like missing semicolons, operator placement, spacing and much more. This would also help in the debugging to ensure the code is full of all the necessary elements for its smooth running.
  1. Closure Stylesheets: The Closure stylesheets can help in the concatenation and to minify CSS and JS WordPress files. This tool focuses on the vendor-specific stylesheet. Various vendors include MICROSOFT, WEBKIT, KONQUEROR, and OPERA. With the presence of the vendor flag, the vendor properties for other vendors will get removed.

CSS and JS WordPress files

Make Use of CSS Minifier:

CSS Minifier is another online tool that can help to minify CSS and JS WordPress. This will remove the indentation, spacing, comments and new lines from the CSS code and will make the overall code run much faster and in an efficient manner. You can just paste your CSS code and then select the Minify option. Once the overall code is minified, you can copy and then paste it back on the main code of your site.

Make Use of JavaScript Minify Tool:

This is another tool to minify CSS and JS WordPress files. You can also copy and paste the JS code in this tool and then click Minify option. You can also minify the CSS code in addition to a JPEG optimizer and then image resizer. With the help of this effective tool, the users can optimize the overall code on your site. This will enhance the overall performance of the site and will increase the loading speed of your site.

Make Use of CSS/JavaScript Compressor:

This tool will minify the HTML, JavaScript and CSS with the help of the Clean-CSS, HTML Minifier, and UglifyJS 2 tools. The users just need to copy and paste the code and then click the minify button. There are several options for rebasing URLs, ensuring compatibility, and offering debugging features and much more. There are several more options and features and these features are too easy to use.


CSS and JS WordPress files

With the help of several effective tools and methods, it becomes easier and quicker to minify CSS and JS WordPress files plugin. With the help of this specialized feature, the website owners can enhance the overall loading speed of the subsequent pages of their site and then optimize the performance of the website as well. When the small errors and bugs in the CSS, JS and HTML codes are removed, the pages are loaded faster on the visitor’s computer or mobile screen. As a result of this, brand promotion is optimized and this results in increased traffic to the site.

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