How to Update URLs When Moving Your WordPress Site

WordPress sites are moved to new domains for more traffic and better performance. While moving a website is good, updating the URL’s could be time-taking and difficult. Editing every page or post to change the old URL’s is not easy. However, there are alternate ways to WordPress update URLs.

When is the WordPress Update URLs Required?

WordPress Update URL’s

In case you are moving to a new domain, the WordPress address and the site URL can be altered from the WordPress Settings Page.

This however, does not change the URL’s that have been added earlier to the the pages and posts. Also the URL’s of the images have to be changed that have been added to the WordPress site.

WordPress Update URL’s after Moving WordPress Site

A proper backup is important. Ensure you have full backup of your WordPress site.

Installing ‘Velvet Blues Update URL’s’

You need ‘Velvet Blues Update URL’s to complete this procedure. Login to the WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins and then select Add new.

Look for ‘Velvet Blues Update URL’s’ and then install and activate it. If the procedure is followed properly, you will be directed to the Installed Plugins page where you will be able to see your new addition.

Update the Selected URL’s

As the ‘Velvet Blues Update URL’s is installed you need to head over to Tools and then click on Update URL’s to update the required settings. You will instantly be notified to take a backup before you Update WordPress URLs, in case something goes wrong.

There will be two blanks displayed like in the picture above. You need to type both old and new URL’s in these boxes. Ensure that the URL’s are correct form of URL.

The URL’s can be selected to be updated in meta boxes, page, excerpts, custom fields and links. You can also update all URL’s and GUIDs for attachments such as images, media or documents. Update URL’s Now should be clicked so the changes made is saved by the system.

WordPress Update URL’s

Before you can check your website for the changes made. It is necessary that you check everything. The most important step in WordPress Update URL’s is to check the images and links that have been updated. Wrong or incorrect links would have to be changed in case there is a problem.

Here is a list of recommendations that could be of help when you go for WordPress Update URL’s:

  • If the updated link structures are not working like they should you can clear the cache and cookies on your WordPress site and try again.
  • If the links are not directing properly then you can double-click on them to see how correct they are.
  • For some the ‘Velvet Blues Update URL’s may not work or not seem as perfect. Another option for such people could be the ‘Search and Replace’ to have your work completed.
  • If none of the above seem to work for you and the URL’s have not been updated properly then there are certain settings that need to be made in the database files. You will have to access and edit the .sql file to change the previous references.

For A Large Scale Project

To change or update URL’s on a bigger scale is difficult even if you have plugins. The best thing to do at such times is to select a professional WordPress hosting solution. They are chargeable but the work done is accurate. Some of the hosting solutions that are trustworthy are Bluehost, InMotion Hosting and HostMonster.

WordPress and its Features that are Worth Knowing

WordPress is truly an amazing CMS and there is much that can be done with it. It is perfect for beginners and the masters of course to know how to exploit it. For those that are unaware about the beauty and usefulness of WordPress here are some features that will help you in the daily functioning of your website.

To Format Content Faster, Use WordPress Markdown Syntax

Language that was actually made to ease down the writing of HTML code by swapping HTML tags will plain text symbols that can be speedily altered to proper code is known as Markdown.

The 4.3 version and onwards WordPress editor has this functionality. The users don’t have to rely on keyboard shortcuts anymore, they can use various characters and to introduce formatting to their posts. The list is limited but it will increase soon.

  • Various numbers of # create H2-H6 headings
  • Adding * or – before text produces unordered lists
  • In front of any text will make it a blockquote
  • and 1) will produce ordered lists.

Ctrl+Z, backspace and Esc will revert the markups if you think you don’t want them there.

Log Out Everywhere

The main charm of WordPress is that you can log in from anywhere and work. But there are times when you forget to log off. WordPress however has a function which will log out any open sessions except from the one that you are working on. All you need to do is go to profile and go down to Account Management and Sessions. If it shows logged in anywhere else simply change it to Log Out Everywhere Else, and you are done.

Share Content Quick and Easy

WordPress Update URL’s

‘Press This’ is a browser extension which lets you publish content to your website from anywhere on the web.

It is available in the WordPress back end in Available Tools under the Tools. Once you have installed the bookmarklet on your smartphone or browser it can be used to share videos, images, articles and text in your WordPress site.

All you have to do is click on Press This if you like something and edit the content in the window and save it so it can be published on your site. The choice is yours to do it immediately or save it for sometime later.

WordPress is growing everyday with fun and useful features being added on it daily.

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