6 Things to Know as Drupal Website Owner

Drupal has been able to gain a considerable amount of appreciation and criticism. While some find it to be an absolutely wonderful Content Management System (CMS) there are others who argue against some of the features of a Drupal website. We feel, that it offers a level of flexibility which may otherwise not be available in other CMS. Drupal can be used for websites with different goals. You can create ecommerce websites, community web portals and even social networking sites with the help of Drupal. However, here are the important things to know if you are planning to have a Drupal website.


Six important things of Drupal Website

Keep it secure

Most of the Drupal experts already know that there is a chance that a Drupal module may be susceptible to exploitation. However, if you are a beginner, you may not have known about it. The fact that Drupal is open-source is the prime reason for such risks. But its open-source feature is also the main reason why you can enjoy some of the best features on your website through its modules.

Make sure you are aware of the security updates on Drupal. The updates may help you fortify the core or it may be meant for the modules you use. Make sure you keep everything updated to avoid unwanted security risks. If you have experts who keep your website updated, then you may have to worry less. But stay informed by going through security newsletters sent by Drupal.

Keep The Core Untouched

Like any other program, Drupal technology also uses a set of core files which are the base on which everything else rests. If you were to dabble with the core files, there is a chance that things are going to get way too unstable and your website may crash. It can be very difficult to handle a website once its core has been changed.

Updates will also become a difficult task. If you want a certain feature on your website, then let an experienced Drupal developer handle this part of it. Beginners with minimal knowledge about Drupal should avoid trying to change files or modules that can affect the website.

Did you know about Drush?


Drush is Drupal’s shell interface which helps users carry out a number of tasks using the server’s command line. Drush is good for a number of tasks and it is useful when the user does not want to use the Admin interface for making changes. It gives you the chance to make simple changes easily on the website.

Using Drush effectively can help you in a number of ways. Remember that it is easy only when you use the right commands. If you end up typing the wrong command, you may end up facing difficulties with your website. If you are not confident about using Drupal, then let an informed developer handle the tasks. As most of web host don’t offer support on Drush, here we list a list of great Drupal hosting service provider who could support this feature well.

Scaling Your Drupal Website

It is important that your website can grow with the growing needs of your users. You may start with a fewer number of clicks, but as is the ambition of every website, you will soon have more viewers on your website. Understand the possibilities of scaling up your website and how easily it can be achieved.

Talk to the developers and find out if they have ensured scalability for your website or not. Managing the complex structure of your modules and having the ability to cope with the growing traffic is something that you must be aware of and your website developers should be able to provide insight on this to you.

Integrating Apps On Your Drupal Website

A good Drupal website will have seamlessly integrated apps to enhance user experience. While your website may have refreshing content, to increase the presence of your website, you may have to depend on the content being shared by your users too.

This will happen when you have a robust integration system which allows you to integrate the apps with your website so that you can reach out to a larger audience through your website. There are a number of modules on Drupal that can achieve this for you. With the help of your developer, integrate apps on your website and allow your content to be shared by your users.

Responsiveness of Your Website


We already know that the number of mobile users who access a website is increasing by the day. Smartphones have ushered a revolutionary era for website owners, who now have the chance of gaining more views by being accessible to a large audience. You must know whether your website is responsive or not and it is important to make sure that it becomes responsive if it is not.

User engagement will be on the higher side with a responsive website. Make sure your developers are aware of your requirement for a responsive website.

Drupal is a very powerful CMS. It has a lot of modules which can be used effectively for creating an appealing website with lots of functionalities. It has a number of modules and add-ons which can turn your website feature-rich and visually-appealing. We also find it to be good for those who are looking for something that is scalable and reliable. The fact that Drupal websites are mobile-ready makes it even better because of the increasing use of smartphones to access the internet.

If you are a Drupal website owner, you may already be experiencing its benefits. Beginners as well as seasoned website owners have found Drupal to be great. It does require a certain level of commitment and you have to keep yourself informed, but once you begin to understand its working, there is no turning back.


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