Should You Handle Your SEO In-House Or With An Agency?

If you are running a new or small business then you might struggle to manage your SEO and the cost that it may incur could be burdening. Optimizing for search engines in a complex and efficient online marketing technique which is used for bringing in new customers. This process could take a long time and the payoff will be irregular and delayed.

You will generally have to start off by paying fixed rates for the SEO efforts which will initially return small amounts but will eventually increase over the course of the time. But if the SEO campaign is implemented properly, then it will be able to return all the money that was initially spent in it. When it comes to deciding how to manage your SEO, you can either choose between doing it with an in-house team and using an SEO agency who will be able to do all the work for you. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages but choosing the right option will depend on the needs.

In-House team to manage your SEO


A SEO team or an individual can be used who is a specialist. The person or team will have to know everything about the business so that knowledge can be applied to the strategy.

Pros of In-House SEO

  • Such a person will be able to work exclusively on the company website and be dedicated to the job to manage your SEO unlike an agency who will use employees who are working on other projects as well.
  • The specialist will have total control over the SEO project. So as he is in the same place, the stakeholders will have a knowledge of the campaigns and the strategies that are being used at all times.
  • As the team will be dedicated to the company, they will have a better understanding of the needs and requirements. The day-to-day operations can be analyzed to formulate the best results.
  • The specialist can work with in-house developers, marketing team and the other teams so a high level autonomy could be achieved.
  • They will be able to come up with apt strategies and implement it as soon as possible. But when using an agency, there will be risk of extending deadlines for long projects.
  • As the SEO team will be working alongside the other employees in the company, they will be able to get a clear knowledge of the products. So integration between the marketing campaign and product management could be achieved so that customers could be directed to the right landing pages.

Cons of In-house SEO

  • Having a dedicated team or SEO specialist can be very expensive as they work on a full-time basis. Unless the job of the specialist would involve running a number of websites, then it might put a strain on the company’s finances.
  • When using a single team or person for running the SEO campaign, all the strategies are based on that one team. This might result in uncertain results depending upon the efficiency of the SEO team.

Agency to manage your SEO


Agencies generally work with a wide range of clients and hence they will be able to stay updated on all the latest trends in the field. There are two types of SEO agencies like boutique agencies, and digital agencies.

Pros of using Agency

  • The cost that is incurred to employ an agency to manage your SEO will be lesser than maintaining an in-house team.
  • These agencies generally work with different types of clients so it will be an advantage as they will have experience in dealing with all kinds of businesses. They will be able to deliver high quality services and the client satisfaction could be used as a term for identifying the best agency to use. The agency will also be able to compare the strategies that are being used by the competitors and come up with better ones.
  • The development and implementation process of the campaigns will be handled by dedicated teams rather than just a single person. So they will be able to come up with expert and diverse ideas.
  • When using an in-house specialist, company will have to pay the person irrespective of the results. But this is not the same case for a SEO agency. The agency will have to provide the best results in order to bring in new customers and retain the old ones so this will guarantee the success of the campaigns.
  • For a company that does not want to spend a lot of time employing and maintaining a SEO expert in-house, using an agency will be the best option.
  • They will have good international exposure and will be able to handle the on-page and off-page details better. As the habits and possibilities of link acquisition is different from one country to another, agencies will be able to get the local links that will fit perfectly into the industry, language, sector and country. This might not be possible with an in-house team as they will have the knowledge of the home country practices alone.

Cons of using Agency

  • When working with an agency, the personal touch will be missing as the companies do not generally see the entire team. This will cause an effect in the total understanding and integration of the values of the company with the campaigns.
  • An agency generally works with many other companies. So this might result in long wait and pushing deadlines due to non-availability.


The best possible way to manage your SEO campaign will be to use an agency and have an in-house team. An SEO expert can be used to gain an in-depth knowledge of the company but he will not be responsible for running the entire campaign. He will be able to collaborate with the agency so that all the resources could be used to obtain the best results.

The advantages and disadvantages of both methods should be weighted as every point is important for the company. Many factors like the size of the company, marketing mix, age of the company and budget will influence the decision making process. Another important factor to consider while making this decision is the on-page and off-page content as in-house SEO can manage the on-page topics but the off-page content will be managed better by an agency.

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