Justhost vs Bluehost

Justhost vs BluehostJusthost (www.justhost.com) is a reliable web hosting company crafting feature-rich shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers to various sorts of customers. And Bluehost (www.bluehost.com) is named as one of the best web hosting in the industry as Justhost, which also offers a full series of web hosting solutions.

In the following review, we will make a comparison on the feature, price, performance and customer support between Bluehost and Justhost. Thus, people will have a deeper understanding about both of them.

Justhost vs Bluehost on Shared Hosting Features

Justhost shared hosting solution contains a wide range of features that fully meet the requirements to build a powerful website. Basic features in this solution are unlimited email accounts, unlimited hosting, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited hosting storage.

In addition, Justhost customers will benefit much from advanced features like 1 free domain for one-year, cPanel, MySQL database, PostgreSQL database, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails as well as Python.

While Bluehost designs 3 shared hosting plans that people are able to select on the basis of their hosting needs. Each plan contains 1 free domain name registration and unlimited data transfer. Moreover, Bluehost shared hosting includes up to unlimited websites, hosting space and email accounts. cPanel, PHP, Ruby on Rails and Python are also available in this package.

Justhost vs Bluehost on Price

In terms of the price, Justhost yields benefit 64% to customers. Therefore, they will get Justhost hosting at the starting price $2.5/mo instead of $6.99 for each month. What’s more, Justhost gives customer another benefit: Anytime Money Back Guarantee, through which customers can require their money for full back within the first 30 days and a prorated refund later on.

Justhost Exclusive Promotion
64% Off

Compared to Justhost, Bluehost web hosting packages start from $3.95/mo, almost 44% off the regular price $6.99 for each month. More than that, there is also Anytime Money Back to protect the interest of customers from the risk, in which full money can be back within the first 30 days. After that, customers can require for prorated money back as well.

Bluehost $3.95 Promotion
44% Off

Justhost vs Bluehost on Speed and Reliability

Justhost reliable and friendly hosting environment supports 99.9% uptime for its customers. First-level datacenters are the main factor for the excellent environment, which has continuous electricity supply backed with diesel generator backup power and UPS system. Furthermore, Justhost provides dual quad processor servers for people where they can host their domains.

And Bluehost guarantees 99.9% uptime as well with the backing of dual quad processor server and three state-of-the-art datacenters built by its own. All three have multiple 10 GB Ethernet connections with 24/7 monitoring as well as ceaseless power supply to ensure the uptime and reliability.

Justhost vs Bluehost on Customer Support

Justhost offers the most common support to people, including email, phone and live chat. People will easily establish contact with Justhost support staffs via above support methods no matter where they are and when it is. Beyond that, Justhost opens help center for people too, which has a huge amount of information. To know more about its customer feedback, you could check out HostUCan Justhost customer review.

It is acknowledged that Bluehost technical support is world-class and award-winning. The perfect supporting system consists of ticket, chat and phone ways to build direct communication with people who have questions. Bluehost, likewise, offers support for 24 hours a day. More than that, knowledgebase and forums make sense to people coming with problems. You could also refer to HostUCan Bluehost customer review to see the feedback from Bluehost customers.


The above review shows that both Justhost and Bluehost are good web hosting providers since their hosting are so feature-rich and well-performed. However, we prefer recommending Justhost to individuals and small-businesses and Bluehost to all kinds of users because Bluehost has more features than Justhost, such as more matured hosting technologies and experience as an old hosting brand.

To get more info about Justhost and Bluehost, please respectively visit www.justhost.com and www.bluehost.com.

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