List of WordPress 4.8 Features

The WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is finally able to meet the specific requirements of the web environment as it offers simple, ergonomic and intuitive features. Owing to these unique features, WordPress has even garnered the favors of the leading search engines like Google. As per a recent study, it was revealed that over 27% of the total Internet is powered by the WordPress. The number continues to increase each passing year. This rapid increase in the number of usages is possible only because of the contribution of the WordPress community towards offering ease of use to the global users. The world is looking forward to the newest version of WordPress 4.8 beta-1.

Ever year, WordPress launches some of its unique feature set to enhance the experience of the users. This year too, it plans to launch a new set of features with the latest version of WordPress 4.8   on 8th June, 2017. On 13th May 2017, WordPress released the WordPress 4.8 that comes along with some exciting features. Some of the most highlighted features of the WordPress 4.8 beta-1 include:

Improved Visual Editor:

This is the most significant features offered by the latest WordPress 4.8   version. The WordPress 4.8 comes with an improved version of the TinyMCE 4.6. With this, WordPress is now able to avail the benefits of the inline link boundaries. It might sound difficult to understand. You can get an idea of the same with the following image:

WordPress 4.8 beta-1

With the use of this improved features, the recent version of WordPress 4.8 is able to offer a myriad of exciting functions and abilities to its users with respect to the visual editor. Now, the users can achieve complex editing with much ease and with the use of innovative tools.

Visual Editor in Text Widget:

By default, the WordPress editor comes with a plain text widget. The plain text widget contains a simplified text box in which the users can add text along with the HTML code. The users can achieve simple editing with the help of minimalistic editing tools. The first-time users of WordPress who might not be familiar with HTML coding were until now unable to add new links or make use of the basic formatting tools in the plain text widget of WordPress.

However, now with the advanced version of the WordPress 4.8 Beta-1, everything changes on a positive note. The new advanced form of the text widget comes with both the visual as well as the text editors. You can see the same in the following image:

WordPress 4.8 beta-1

This feature of the advanced version of the text widget offered by the WordPress 4.8 helps the users in multifold ways. By using this, the beginners are able to add new links along with the creation of new lists, and even making the text bold or italics as per their choice. It offers to the users an array of simplified tools that can be highly useful to the first-timers. The beginners can achieve all the editing tasks in the new text widget without the need of doing any HTML coding.

New Image Widget:

The WordPress 4.8 version also comes with the new image widget that offers much usability to the users. In the current version of the WordPress, if someone wishes to display an image alongside the WordPress sidebar, then the users are expected to do some HTML code writing or to make use of a plugin for the same.

However, with WordPress 4.8 Beta-1, the users are introduced with the new image widget that can help the users in the addition of images quite easily to the WordPress sidebar. The users can upload the image right from the image widget itself. On the other hand, they can also select a particular image from the media library of the WordPress. All of these steps would not require the need to write any particular HTML code. Therefore, this can serve as a great feature for those who are using WordPress for the first time.

WordPress 4.8 beta-1

When the user would click on the Select Image icon, the WordPress media library would open up and then the users can select the particular images from the library. Once the image is inserted, the user can then see the preview of the uploaded image in the image widget area of WordPress 4.8.

New Video Widget:

Along with the image widget, the WordPress 4.8 version has also come up with the new video widget for the ease of the users in uploading videos. The users can easily upload the videos to the sidebar or display any video from Vimeo, YouTube or any other source. It appears as:

WordPress 4.8 beta-1

Similar to the image widget section, the users can select the particular video from the WordPress library and then click on Save option to upload the same.

News & Events Dashboard Widget:

WordPress 4.8 also comes with the new widget for News & Events dashboard. This will appear on the dashboard page of WordPress and would offer information about the news related to WordPress along with the important events of WordPress taking place near your specified location. This new widget is replaced by the older WordPress News widget that displayed only the news section.

If there are multiple users on your site, then this widget would show them several WordPress events on the basis of their particular location. This widget is automatically able to detect the location of the user by sending of the timezone, IP address and locale to the official site of the WordPress. The users are also given the right to edit their location manually by entering the new location in the WordPress settings.

WordPress 4.8 Beta-1 version promises several new and advanced features that could improve the overall usage experience of the users. With the help of these new features, the beginners can be benefitted greatly who are adept with HTML coding. Therefore, upgrade your WordPress version now itself to avail the benefits offered by the same. We hope this article helped you a lot.

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