Pros And Cons Of WordPress CMS: Is It The Best Choice?

To mark an online presence of your business is a must do in today’s era of the internet. But the question here is to find a great platform for your business website. The first option that comes to everyone’s mind for creating a website is WORDPRESS. For those who are new to wordpress, it is a free online Content Management System (CMS) which can be used for creating websites for blogging, online stores or any other businesses. CMS can be both a blessing and a curse. It has made blogging very simple but still, some optimizations are difficult to make. Obviously, we are all the fans of wordpress but we can’t limit our expectations. So here we are with some of the pros and cons of wordpress cms, so that you can easily decide whether to go with wordpress or not.


Intuitive Content Posting

The very first reason to use CMS is the easy access to the pages. One can easily update pages; add texts, audios and videos. You can easily set up customized modules and edit it anytime.

pros and cons of wordpress cms

SEO Integration

SEO plugins: another reason to love and adore wordpress. It helps you to handle your website on search engine results. You can add these SEO plugins or additions to each of your pages and can rule the search engine results. It can even give you a projection of how well is your business website is optimized.

pros and cons of wordpress cms

Great Platform For Developers

WordPress is the new playground for developers as they get to do experiments and develop creative designs. It is one of the most competitive platforms, which helps users to get plenty of options to choose from.

Multiple Options For E-commerce

If you are looking to create an online store making an e-commerce website, trust me, wordpress is the best option available in the market. There are multiple plugins created for e-commerce updated in the existing themes which are absolutely free. This is the best advantage among the pros and cons of wordpress cms.

Optimized for Tablet/Mobile/PC

If your hosting is live, you can even access your admin panel at your mobiles and tablets. If you are able to set your responsive website properly, then there’s no better experience for your user to experience.

WordPress ensures that your audience can view your content on all devices. You just have to change layout according to the devices and its hands on and you are ready to go live. These things are even difficult for developers to code, but you are able to do it without any help and codes.

Built-In Blogging

Initially, WordPress started their business as a blogging engine, and since then there’s no stopping for wordpress. It has been developed significantly, but still blogging is the core of the platform. So if you are thinking of blogging, wordpress is an affordable and wise option.

Preferred By Big Companies

One of the strong points of WordPress platform is that it is completely scalable and can be used for anything. Even the large companies use it and big names are attached with it like Sony and many others.

Easily Synchronized With Resources

Many of the popular online software are easily synchronized with WordPress. You just need a plugin to add any popular software to your wordpress website. All the popular software have their own script for wordpress so that the wordpress user can easily redirect their audience to their software.

pros and cons of wordpress cms

Scheduling Posts

If you have created a website, your audience expects you to posts something regularly or in regular interval. So WordPress has an exciting option for you i.e. scheduling your posts. Even if you are busy with other works or if you are on a vacation, you can pre-schedule your posts and it will automatically be posted on your behalf on the desired date and time.

pros and cons of wordpress cms


Tricky Layouts

If you decide to go for a unique theme and not what all others use, then cms solutions might not help. As most of the WordPress themes and layouts are free for everyone and uniqueness is lost as there are thousands of users using the same layout as yours. Different designs do need certain knowledge of coding which normal people like you and I can’t do. So this is one of the major cons of pros and cons of WordPress cms. You will need a developer for creating a website that fits all of your business’ needs.

Updating Software Regularly

The software of WordPress needs to be updated regularly, as it is large dynamic software. And it is not easy to judge whether you want that particular update or not. It is quite a hectic thing as you may not like a new update but can’t go back to your previous version. You need to be a pro to handle such situations.

You Have To Be A Pro

In order to draw the attention of the audience and increase traffic by each passing day, you need to spend a lot of your concentration and time in it. Even if the website is built perfectly, you may not get visitors. That’s when you feel the need of a professional. Even the developers fail to draw a large number of traffic. In order to make your website successful, you need to have some marketing skills. But if you don’t, WordPress will fail here to help you in this scenario. Staying proactive will also not be so helpful. So it is recommended to go with SEO marketing experts who can help you with the marketing strategies.


pros and cons of wordpress cms

Security is the biggest con of WordPress as the default settings of WordPress are vulnerable to hackers. You need to be alert and knowledgeable enough to increase its security so that none of your data is leaked online. Viruses and malware can be the worst nightmares. You have to be prepared with these things.

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