How to Set up Facebook Instant articles on WordPress site?

Do you know about Facebook Instant Articles? Wish to adjoin Facebook Instant Articles to your WordPress site? You can add the Facebook instant article WordPress plugin on your site to get the maximum benefits. Let us provide you with an insight into the Facebook Instant Articles including their operation, set up along with the advantages and disadvantages of the same.

What are Facebook Instant Articles?

Facebook Instant Articles WordPress plugin

Instant Article is a feature promoted by Facebook that allows the users to load the content as much as ten times faster with the use of the customized mobile format. The working principle is based on the same technology that is used by the Facebook apps for the smartphone devices. The best feature about the Instant Articles is that they are capable of loading 10 times faster than the normal web page. As a result, the speed of the web page gets boosted to a considerable level. With the increased speed, the users can be provided enhanced performance and experience to the mobile users.

There are various popular websites like TechCrunch, BuzzFeed, and several others make use of the Facebook instant articles WordPress plugin to upgrade the performance of their websites. Facebook Instant Articles can be easily spotted in the Facebook feed with the icon that resembles a lightning bolt.

Pros and Cons of Facebook Instant Articles

Like every software, there are some advantages and disadvantages offered by the Facebook Instant Articles WordPress plugin. Here are some of them:


  • The use of the Facebook Instant Articles ensures faster-loading speed to the users.
  • With faster loading speed, the overall browsing experience of the users is improved. Therefore, the users start loving the entire experience of using the Internet and its services.
  • The Facebook Instant Articles provides reliable access to the monetization options with the help of the Facebook Audience Network.
  • The users can be ensured the boost in the Facebook Page Reach with the help of Facebook Instant Articles.
  • The massive user base of the Facebook can introduce heavy traffic to the site with the help of this WordPress plugin.

Cons of Using Facebook Instant Articles:

  • When the users will install the Facebook Instant Articles, other users will not see the sidebars. In addition to this, this will also hide the useful email list forms, widgets, and everything else that is not a part of the instant articles.
  • The users might experience a drop in the in the overall advertising revenue. One of the demerits of using the Facebook Instant Articles is that it limits the number of ads as well as the advertisers that one can show in the article.
  • The users can make use of the videos and images in the articles. However, with the use of the Facebook Instant Articles WordPress plugin, even that is limited.
  • Several custom fields, shortcodes, and various other features of the WordPress will not be displayed in the articles of the users.

Once you have considered the pros and cons of the Facebook Instant Articles WordPress plugin, the users can be assured of the mixture of good as well as some poor features. In the end, the overall performance would all depend on the type and quality of content produced by the users or the business organization.

Setting Up Facebook Instant Articles WordPress Plugin

Initially, it is necessary to install the Instant Articles for the WordPress plugin for the generation of the RSS feed meant for instant articles. After this, the users would need to set up the rest of the plugin settings.

Once the activation is done, a new plugin would be added on the new menu item that is present in the WordPress admin bar that is labeled as the “Instant Articles”. Once the users will click on it, they will be guided to the setting page of the plugin. The Facebook Instant Articles WordPress plugin would require Secret Keys and App ID for activation. For this, you would also need to create a Facebook app for the particular page to get the keys.

Creating a Facebook App for the Page

For this, you would have to visit the website named Facebook for Developers. Then you would need to click on the drop down menu that is present next to the menu My Apps right next to the icon of the profile photo. This will pop-up a new screen on the desktop. Now you can click on the website. You can be then directed to the quick setup wizard. Then, click on the “Create New Facebook App ID” icon to continue. You can now enter the desired information like name, contact details, and email address. Click on create App ID icon to continue. Facebook will now create an app for you. Under the “Tell us about your website” section, you can enter the WordPress website address and then continue.

After this, the users can see their App ID and the App secret key. Then, you can click on the ‘App Review’ link that is present on the left bar. You can copy your App ID and the secret keys. You can then paste these details by going back to the Settings page of the Facebook Instant Articles WordPress plugin. Then you will be asked to grant the app permission to access the information of the profile. You will be then redirected to the WordPress site. Now the WordPress site is ready for the Facebook Instant Articles. After this, the users can perform two more steps as:

  • Design the setup style and branding for the Facebook Instant Articles
  • Submit the Instant Articles Feed for a proper review from the viewers.


In the end, it can be concluded that the users can have super fun with the Facebook Instant Articles. They can use the same to improve the engagement and increase the reach of the content to boost the overall performance of the online business in an effective manner.

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