Top 20 Drupal SEO Modules To Optimize Your Website

For web developers, marketers or site owners, SEO is an important aspect which should be addressed with utmost importance because the success of the website depends upon it directly. Moreover, the choice one has to make out of different CMS that enhances the Search Engine Result Page [SERP] needs to be planned well ahead of time or else it would result in the loss of time and effort. Despite being one of the most SEO friendly platforms, it also boasts of various choices of useful drupal page module. If you need to boost the SERP of your website, then you must remember the following modules:-


drupal page module

This module is the one which automatically creates your URL’s depending upon your content which is defined by you. It saves a lot of time by creating path/URL aliases. Due to that, it has already been the one of the most downloaded drupal page module.

Search 404

drupal page module

This module in fact helps reducing your site’s bounce rate, which in turns decides your website’s quality as per the search engines. Whenever a user enters an URL which throws a 404 page, this module automatically navigates the user to the internal website search page with the relevant term in the URL.

Page Title

In drupal, title is generated by the node by default. Page title module helps you to take control of the node and set patterns for the title. That in turn allows you to create relevant and unique titles for your content.


This comes in handy due to the fact that Drupal doesn’t allow editing of meta tag fields by default. Hence, using this module not only can you control your entire meta tags, page description and title, keywords. You can additionally set meta tags for nodes, taxonomy terms, users, views etc. You can put up a default meta tag for the entire website or even individual pages using this module too.


When there are duplicate contents to deal with, you can use this tool to redirect the user to the relevant one and maintaining both the links without returning a 44 page.

Global Redirect

The alias system of drupal sometimes leave two different URL’s with same content, falling it into the category of duplicate content as specified by the Search Engine, which could be a major issue. This Global Redirect drupal page module helps in checking all existing URL’s for an alias and redirecting them to the alias URL.

SEO Checklist

This module takes no action with your website instead it checks and informs you of the most important SEO tasks needed to be completed and relevant modules that need to be installed for the same.

Content Optimizer

drupal page module

This module needs an installation and helps you get a full analysis of your site about how much SEO friendly it is. Next, it also gives your certain set of recommended actions to be performed for improving your search engine ranks.

Drupal SEO tool

This is basically a SEO suite for Drupal giving you a dashboard which takes care of a lot of SEO tasks for your website including titles, paths, tags, keyboards, sitemaps, redirects, analytics etc. It does has some prerequisite before its use, but is extremely handy if you wish to work with more than SEO tools under a single interface.

Menu attributes

This module is used by site administrators for pinpointing certain attributes which generally consists of class, styles, names,id etc. This plays a very important role while SEO optimizing your website.

SEO Compliance Checker

It performs a full check after creation or modification of a node in your site and lets you know how to bring in a optimized content for your site.

XML Sitemap

It acts like a directory to your website and allows the search engine bots to index your website properly.

Site Verification

This module helps in the process of search engines indexing your website by verifying it with an uploaded html file.

Menu breadcrumb

drupal page module

The main task of this module is to add a breadcrumb menu on top of your website which serves two purpose for both the user as well as the search engine. It lets the user know where he or she is at the navigation hierarchy of the website and next is to provide an internal link to the relevant URL through an anchor text.

Links Checker

This occasionally checks, fixes or removes broken links from your website.

HTML Purifier

As the name suggests, this module cleans your website of any underlying complex or not so easy to read html in order to help the search engine, which reads raw html to index sites. It also removes malicious codes from your website as well.

Tag Clouds

This is the simplest  and easy to work with module for creating list of tags depending upon the taxonomies of the website you administer and is a very important drupal page module.

Taxonomy Title

This module allows you to edit the heading tag of the taxonomy page and it is known as H1. The importance of editing the H1 take in page SEO is immense, which is why a whole module is dedicated to it in drupal.


This is one important module for content marketing and SEO, since it can help you schedule the publish and unpublish date and time of your content or plan your content’s life span. Not only that, you can even set to release your contents at the most suitable time of day when you know you have the highest traffic. Drupal core does not support this function, hence it is all the more necessary for site owners.

Google Analytics

drupal page module

This is one of the best free modules that you can find to add in your website though it is possible to integrate Google Analytics manually in your website. But, this module makes the task easier and also add to it a host of useful features like tracking or ignoring certain users, modifying types of links to be tracked, tracking of drupal message etc.


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