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The modern innovative data centers make use of the firewalls and organized networking components to achieve the desired high-tech security. However, they still feel insecure because of the intruders. Therefore, there is a high need for the tools that can assess the vulnerabilities of the network in an accurate manner. Vulnerabilities and risk to security are the common issues faced by any software or network. There could be a bug in the operating system or the misconfiguration of the entire infrastructure can make the system quite potential to the threats and attacks. The malicious intruders can enter the system in an unauthorized manner with the help of the vulnerabilities. This intrusion could be intended for some personal or commercial benefits. To ensure top security, here are some of the security testing tools that can address the vulnerability issues. Have a read:


The very important step towards the assessment of the vulnerability is to have an idea about what is happening in the particular network. Wireshark was previously named as Ethereal. This works in an indiscriminate manner for capturing all the incoming traffic of the TCP broadcast domain. Wireshark works with the help of the customized filters that can be set for intercepting specific traffic. For instance, these can be used for the capturing of the communication between any two IP addresses. It can also be used for capturing the UDP-based DNS queries that are present on the network. The traffic of the data can be stored in a capture file that can be reviewed later.

With the help of the Wireshark, additional filters can also be set during the process of review. In Wireshark, the tester is usually looking out for the stray IP addresses, unnecessary packet drops, spoofed data, or any form of suspicious packet generation from a single IP address. Wireshark provides a clear as well as a broad picture of the events occurring on the network.


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This is one of the most important security testing tools of the decade. The scanner is capable of testing the packets as well as it performs the scans to a granular TCP level. This might include the ACK scan, SYN scan, and so more. Nmap comes with an in-built signature-checking algorithm that can help in the guessing of the Operating System and the particular version. This is based on the network responses like the TCP handshake. Nmap is quite effective for detecting the remote devices. In most of the cases, Nmap can help in the identification of the firewalls as well as the routers and their respective models. The network administration can make use of the Nmap testing tool for checking the ports that are open. It can also determine the ports that can be exploited in cases of simulated attacks. The output after the analysis is quite verbose and plain text. Therefore, this assessment tool can be scripted for automating the routine tasks and for grabbing evidence for an audit report.


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Once the network administrators have done the sniffing and scanning with the help of the above tools, then is the time for them to advance to the application and the OS level. Metasploit can be considered to be one of the excellent security testing tools that function as an open source framework. This helps in the performing of several rigorous scans that can be set against a particular set of the IP addresses. Unlike several other frameworks, Metasploit can be used for performing anti-forensics activities as well. The expert and adept programmers can write a particular piece of code and then exploit a particular vulnerability. Then they can test the same with the help of the Metasploit testing tool to check if the same gets detected. The process can also be reversed in case of the virus attack making use of some undetected vulnerability. Metasploit can be used for testing the patch for it as well. Metasploit can be considered to be a commercial testing tool.


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The Nessus scanner is one of the most effective security testing tools. OpenVAS has emerged out from the same to function as an open source. OpenVAS is divided into two major components: a manager and a scanner. A scanner might be residing on the target that is to be scanned. Then it would feed the vulnerability analysis to the manager. The manager then collects the inputs from various scanners. The manager then applies its own intelligence for creating the final report. As far as the security is concerned, OpenVAS is considered to be highly stable and even a reliable tool.

This reliable security testing tool can be used for detecting the recent security vulnerabilities. It also helps in the provision of the reports and then provides the proper fixes to the same. There is the presence of an in-built Greenbone security assistant that can provide a GUI dashboard for listing all the possible loopholes and the machines or the networks that are impacted by the same. The creation of the report in a detailed manner is one of the top features offered by the OpenVAS security assessment tool that can help the infrastructure security managers in an effective manner.

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As far as the top security assessment tools are concerned, these are the listings of just a few of them. The web security it vital to secure and safeguard the information and confidential data of the web users which are present in a particular network. Therefore, these web security testing tools might come handy in several situations. When the security of the particular web network is breached or intruded into, then there is a great need to analyze the same. The malicious intruders are always on the wait to creep into the security vulnerability of the various web networks. At such times, the top and the most reliable web security assessment tools can prove helpful in identifying the potential threats and then getting rid of the same to ensure seamless web services to the users.

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