Top Best WordPress Membership Plugins

Have you considered opening up a membership site? There is a growing need as well as the trend in the market with respect to the membership sites. Therefore, there is a great scope for the membership sites that can serve as a highly profitable and lucrative online business option. With a successful membership site, you can get full control over the revenue system. There is not a peck of worry to think about the competitor affiliate about canceling their program and losing the great advertising deal. With the help of the membership sites, you can have your own revenue stream. To optimize the membership sites, you can make use of the effective membership plugins. Here are some of the top membership plugins like the MemberPress plugins for the optimization of the membership sites.

Restrict Content Pro:

MemberPress plugins

This is one of the most reliable names in case of the provision of the membership plugins. This plugin is derived from the Pippin’s plugins. This is the same team that is responsible for the building of the Easy Digital Downloads as well as the AffiliateWP. The Pippin plugin has developed the reputation for the releasing of the top-quality plugins. In the same respect, the Restrict Content Pro plugin also offers the same functionalities. With the help of the Restrict Content Pro, the website owners can help in the creation of the unlimited subscription levels. The owners can make the selection between the trial, free and the premium subscriptions. This offers the users with a great range of flexibility. The users can also be benefited with attractive pricing. With the help of the Restrict Content Pro, the users can restrict the content on the basis of per post. As an alternative, the users can also make use of the shortcodes for restricting specific content inside a particular page or post. The users can also create several coupon codes. This membership plugin can help the users create several promotions with the help of the specific membership levels.


MemberPress plugins

This is another famous and most sought-after membership plugin for the membership sites. The best feature offered by the MemberMouse plugin is that it can help in the creation of the membership bundles and levels. Membership levels are expected out of any membership plugins. With the help of the bundles offered by the plugin, the users can sell the individual pages or posts on a single basis. With the help of the MemberMouse plugin, the users can also effectively manage their restricted content. It also includes an exciting feature with the help of which the users can experience the overall course as a member in an effective manner. There is a widget that can allow the subscribers in viewing particular content to which they have the access. For the presence of the restricted content, the MemberMouse membership plugin can allow the users to restrict the content by pages, posts, categories as well as by the custom post types. There are several clean tools for the optimization as well. The users can split-test the prices. There are several coupon codes that can be integrated with multiple third-party email marketing services as well as with the payment gateways.


MemberPress plugins

This is another form of the popular and highly functional membership plugin for the membership sites. MemberPress plugin makes use of the standard features that come along with some attractive tricks. The users can create an unlimited number of memberships and different levels with various kinds of trial periods along with the payment options. The users can also group the different membership levels into specific “membership groups”. This can help in the creation of the predefined upgrade paths. There are several options with MemberPress plugin for restricting the content. The users can restrict the whole categories or even groups of content. The users can also restrict the individual files for helping in the proper management of the downloading of the files. There are highly optimized integrations offered by the MemberPress membership plugin. It can help your membership site to be integrated with several email marketing services along with the major payment gateways like Paytm, PayPal and so more. There is the provision of the unlimited number of coupons and a built-in affiliate program with the excellent feature set.

MemberPress plugin also lets the website owners in the dripping of the content on a predefined schedule. MemberPress plugin provides all the reports about your membership and about the overall performance of the particular membership site.

 Magic Members:

MemberPress plugins

This is one of the highly functional as well as an interactive membership plugin that can benefit the membership sites to a greater extent. The users can create several membership levels with various trial options and pricing structure. The users can also manage the different members with the help of a single interactive dashboard. The users can restrict the whole groups or categories of content on their site. The individual pages or posts and even the shortcodes can be restricted to the specific portions of the content. There is the presence of a download manager. With this feature, the site owners can prevent the unauthorized users from the downloading of any information from the site. The Magic Members membership plugin also provides the feature for preventing multiple users from logging in with the same account. The membership plugin also provides multiple integrations with several payment gateways along with interactive email marketing services. The plugin comes with a free trial of 7 days. Therefore, you can risk using the particular membership plugin without the fear of losing any money.

Owning a membership site can be a great responsibility. If you wish to achieve ultimate success at it, you can make use of some of the effective and highly reliable membership plugins that can optimize the overall performance of your membership site. With these effective membership plugins, you can bring about the desired success in your membership site as these offer the right set of features and functionalities to output the desired results.

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