Top best WordPress Security Plugins to Keep Your Site Secure

Security of your website is the most important thing that comes up in your mind once you have developed it. The rise of cyber-crime is not hidden from the world and there is no website that is safe unless of course there is a strong wall of security around it. There are many plugins that would help you secure your website however if your venture is still budding and you are looking to save some cash then here are some best free WordPress security plugins which are reliable and will effectively protect your website.

Wordfence Security Free Version

best free WordPress security plugins

When there is talk about WordPress security then the first thing that comes in mind is Wordfence. Worfence is one of the most downloaded and the highest rated security plugins in WordPress. It is considered as the best. It also has a premium version but the free version has almost all the features like the premium one. It has a long list of wonderful features. The Threat Defence Feed updates the firewall rubrics automatically and it also stops your site by blocking all attacks such as botnet attacks. Scrapers, crawlers are blocked by Wordfence. It also keeps a check on the strength of your passwords and send you updates in case there are failed login attempts in your admin area. Wordfence also scans all themes and files and repairs them if they are corrupted. All backdoors are scanned that pose a threat because they create security holes and cause harm to your site. This and much more, Wordfence is truly one of the best free WordPress security plugins which you can download for your site.


Another easy to install and use security plugin which will keep your WordPress site secured from all types of security threats. The plugin comes WordPress ready and all you need to do is install it and start using its security features instantly. The plugin scans the admin bar for all types of virus and cleans it. It also scans the website daily and sends email updates about the report generated. You could opt to safe browse with Google so the phishing and malware can be monitored. AntiVirus is can be translated into three languages.

BBQ: Block Bad Queries

best free WordPress security plugins

The security of WordPress is something complex and it needs a plugin which comes with configurations to understand it entirely. The BBQ or the Block Bad Queries plugin is something which is meant to take care of the security of you WordPress site. This plugin helps to keep in check all types of malicious URL requests. It also blocks long request strings and keeps a check on the incoming traffic. It acts as a strong firewall and the best thing about it is that there is no special configuration required. It gives you error free performance which is why it has made it to the list of best free WordPress security plugins.

Login LockDown

Every time there is a failed login attempt Login LockDown will record the IP address and if the number of login attempts crosses in a limited time then it disables login attempts for all requests that are made from that specific IP range. Hackers using brute force password discovery to attack your website will never be able to succeed in their attempts. There are default settings in the plugin which can be changed according to your requirement. If there is someone who has been locked out by mistake and is known to you can be unlocked by the administrator manually.

iThemes Security

best free WordPress security plugins

Next in the list of best free WordPress security plugins is iThemes Security. The theme boasts of more than 30 ways by which it provides protection to your website. iThemes has been around since 2008 and is one of the trusted plugins which thousands of people download for their sites. The plugin bans problematic bots or hosts, file editing is turned off from the WordPress admin area and it makes your server security very strong. It also scans your WordPress site locates, fixes and sends report in email.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri is a well-known security plugin meant for securing WordPress websites. The plugin is known for seven special features: blacklist monitoring, security activity audit logging, email notifications on security, security actions if your website has been compromised, malware scanning, securing all types of files and repairing them in case they are corrupted and finally a secured plugin which makes a tough security system for all WordPress websites. Using the Sucuri plugin with an added security plugin will fortify your site even more.

All in One WP Security and Firewall

best free WordPress security plugins

All in One WP Security and Firewall is another useful plugin which helps in securing WordPress website. There is a long list of features which this plugin offers. If offers email notifications and automatic backups.License.txt, wp-config-sample.php files and readme.html cannot be accessed by others if this plugin is installed. All in One WP Security and Firewall offers great features in the firewall functionality such as – blocks access to debug log file, disables trace and track, deny’s malicious query strings, forbids proxy comment posting, blocks fake Googlebots and crawlers etc. There are many more exciting security features than the once mentioned here which you can utilize once you install this exciting security plugin.

Bulletproof Security

best free WordPress security plugins

Bulletproof Security plugin comes with one click set up and is ready to use in seconds. The speed of your website is will not be compromised, unlike some security plugins which slow down the speed of your site on installing them. If your website is experiencing memory errors, performing poorly, has unnecessary data stored then this plugin will help you maximize its performance in no time. Besides this, there is a long list of wondrous features that will secure your website.

The above are the best free WordPress security plugins which will help to keep your WordPress website safe.

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