What are the Benefits of Associating With a SSL Certificate Authority?

You definitely don’t want someone to get your credit card or bank details right? Internet is open and although there are several measures that you might have taken to be secure it is an open ground for cyber thieves which is why you need to have a very tight security. This is where a private Certificate Authority comes in.

Understanding SSL

A private Certificate Authority provider will provide you with SSL or Secure Socket layer which functions the browser of which the user is using and the website that the user intends on connecting. Browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc. identify these certificates. While personal data is exchanged the information is encrypted with the help of SSL before it is sent across and then decrypted when it has been received.

People are internet savvy and quite aware of security stuff such as this. They know the risk about their personal data getting leaked and take precautions before they proceed to share their personal information in your website. Those that are frequent online shopper know what they need to look out for before they enter any sensitive information – any web address in a browser should begin with https://, the s stands for Secure.


What are Certificate Authorities?

A private Certificate Authority is generally referred to as CA’s in short, and their function is to issue Digital Certificates. Small verifiable data files which comprise of identity identifications to help people, devices and websites denote their true online individuality are known as Digital Certificates. CA’s play an important role in the way the Internet functions and how confidential transactions can be done online. There are about millions of Digital Certificates that are issued by CA’s which are used to promote secure communication, safeguard the information and encrypt the many transactions that take place.

What is the Purpose of Using SSL Certificates?


Your website is secure if you have an SSL certificate. Even if there is no payment system in your website which requires credit card or bank details of the customers there is other sensitive data that is present in your website which could be misused. In order to uphold the data integrity and have privacy of your website SSL is imperative.

SSL Certificate Encrypts Important Information

The information which is sent on the internet passes through several computers before it can reach to its destined server. Any system that is between the server and you have access to your passwords, bank or credit card details or any other sensitive data if it is not encrypted, a SSL certificate helps in making the information unreadable to all the systems except to the server that you intend on sending it to. This safeguards your information from cyber thieves and hackers that are always on their look out to get hold of unsecure data and personal information.

SSL Certificate Offers Authentication


Besides encryption, SSL certificate also authenticates, which simply means that the information is sent across to the server you intend on sending and not to some cyber thief trying to lay hands on your information.

Here is what it means –when your customers send information it passes through many systems and one of them could pretend to be your website thereby tricking your customer to give them important credentials. A PKI or Public Key Infrastructure and getting a SSL Certificate from a trustworthy SSL private security authority is the only way to avoid such data thefts in your website.

‘Trustworthy’ is an important term here because it is the SSL provider that issues an SSL certificate to a company that has been verified after it has been scanned for proper identity. You can use the internet to locate some good SSL certificate providers to ensure maximum safety of users thereby safeguarding your company’s reputation also.

Payment Card Industry Compliance

For any company that is dealing in payments and requires their users to provide them with bank and credit card details, are required to clear some audits which clarify your company’s compliances with the standards of the PCI or Payment Card Industry. One of PCI’s compliances is that your website should have an SSL certificate.

Benefits of Being Associated With a Private Certificate Authority

People refrain from having SSL certificates for their companies (especially small and new businesses) because getting one is not cheap. But when crimes happen we realise where the fault was. Although nothing can be guaranteed as 100% safe but it is definite that having an SSL certificate makes your website safe and prevents illegal viewing of sensitive data and information. It is trustworthy and sturdy and has benefits for a business.

Safeguard Your Information:

You don’t want your data or information to be tampered with. It could cause serious damage to your business. Vouchers, promotional codes are important data and you want them to be safe.

Increase Your Sales:

Customers are alert and they know a secured payment site. SSL helps in closing the deal because the customers know your website is safe.

Loyal Customers:

If your customers know that your website is a safe place to shop you will have them coming back to your website more often. Loyal customers make a good company.


There are many checks that a website needs to go through before getting a SSL certificate. This deepens the authenticity of your company and customers know that your website is a trusted one.

Attract More Users:


An SSL is something that customers search for first before even browsing through your products. Don’t expect them to grab the 50% discount that you are offering, they rather pay a little more and be safe than pay less but have their entire details hacked.

If you have a website then get yourself associated with a private certificate authority and protect your website.

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