What Is External RSS Feeds And How to Add That in the WordPress Site?

RSS that stands for Rich Site Summary is used to signify to a format that can prove helpful for changing web content on a regular basis. Several weblogs, news-related sites, and other online publishers make their content as RSS Feed to the desired users or the readers.

What is the Need of RSS Feeds?

For those people who use the web regularly can be benefited greatly with the help of the RSS Feeds. You can make use of the RSS Feed to post WordPress plugin to enhance the content creation and promotion. The online users and the readers can make use of the RSS Feed to stay informed about the retrieval of the latest content from any site that they might be interested in. As a result, a lot of time can be saved by having no need to visit each site on an individual basis. With the help of the RSS Feeds, a great amount of security is ensured to the users. This saves the users from the need of signing up for the email newsletter of each site separately. There is a rapid growth in the number of sites making use of the RSS feed to post WordPress plugin to get benefited from the same.

How to Read an RSS Feed?

If you wish to save yourself the efforts and time to sign up for the email newsletters of each site, then you can make use of the RSS Feeds. With the help of tools and software like News Aggregator and Feed reader, you can easily grab the RSS Feeds from multiple sites. In addition to this, you can display the same to read and to be used by you. If you wish to read the RSS Feeds from the leading blogging websites, then you can make use of several effective RSS Readers that are available for various platforms. Some of the popular RSS Feed readers are FeedReader, Amphetadesk, NewsGator, Google Reader, My Yahoo, and various others. Once you have installed the particular RSS Feed reader, you can then search for the relevant sites that can combine the content. After this, you can add the RSS Feed to the array of feeds on the particular Feed readers used by you.

When Should One Use RSS Feed?

As a user who makes use of the web services on a daily basis, you would need to add an RSS Feed for retrieving data from another site into your site. For instance, you can add BBC News RSS Feed to your personal site. Therefore, to reduce the efforts and time in retrieving information from the different sites, the users can make use of the RSS Feeds to get all the information at one single place. All that you would be required to do is to ensure RSS Feed to post WordPress plugin.

How to Add RSS Feeds on Your WordPress Site?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) can be used in the format of an open web format for the publishing of updated content. Several clients or the users can make use of the various RSS Feed readers that are also referred to as the aggregators for subscribing to the feeds that would contain links to the fresh content. Therefore, you must ensure the RSS feed to post WordPress plugin on your site. The WordPress sites by default installation already have the RSS Feed set up for the variorum site comments and entries. However, if you wish to add an RSS feed to your site, you can achieve it much ease.

The WordPress sites have an in-built RSS widget that can be used by the users to add external feeds to the site. It can be achieved by following the steps as:

  • Log in to the WordPress site as the administrator.
  • Now, you can proceed to the dashboard of the WordPress site. Under the dashboard, you need to click on Appearance and then proceed to Widgets.
  • Under the section of Available Widgets, you need to click on the RSS icon. This will help RSS Feed to post WordPress plugin on your site.
  • Now is the time to place the RSS widget upon the desired location on the site.


  1. If you wish to add the RSS Feed widget to the footer section of your site, then you need to click on the Main Widget Area.
  2. If you wish to add the RSS feed widget to the sidebar section of your site, then you need to click on the Secondary Widget Area.
  • To include the RSS Feed widget on your site, you can click on the option “Add Widget”. Now an RSS dialog box will pop up.
  • In the text box named “Enter the RSS Feed URL here”, you can fill in the URL of the particular RSS Feed that you wish to include in your WordPress site.
  • In the text box “Give the Feed a Title”, you have the option to add a particular title. This title would appear above the content of the RSS Feeds.
  • Now you would come across the list box that says “How many items would you like to display?”, you can make the selection of the number of RSS Feeds that you would want to display on your WordPress site.
  • If you wish to add any extra information or content, then you can select the check boxes for including the desired content on your site.
  • Now finally, you can click on Save. Now you can see all the desired RSS Feeds or contents on your site.

RSS Feed to post WordPress plugin

With the increasing use of the RSS Feeds on the WordPress sites, you too can ensure RSS Feed to post WordPress plugin on your site. By doing this, you can create an amazing experience to your users or customers who can be benefited with all the desired content at one single location. Wait no more and avail the benefits now!

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