Why Choose PHP Over Other Languages

When it comes to web development there are many scripting languages that are available. Programmers and developers usually use Perl, ASP, Python, JavaScript, CGI or PHP. But what makes PHP the most selected scripting language? What is the advantage of PHP over other languages? PHP seems to have its own benefits and advantages over other languages. It also happens to be the most established scripting language in web development. For those who are trying to understand what scripting language is about then it is a programming language that comprises of a series of commands in a file which can be executed without having to compile it. While the other scripting languages are good, PHP has its own advantages and here are 10 such advantages of using PHP over other languages:

PHP has many Frameworks

The first advantage of PHP is that it has many frameworks. There are about 36 frameworks in all that PHP has. Some of them are Drupal, PRADO, Kajona, Hammerkit, XOOPS, Lithium, Yii, FuelPHP, Zend and others. A framework is where you can build your program on. Besides letting you connect to different API’s it also lets you define your application structure. They are the skeleton of your program and lets you develop web in a clean and fast way. They offer toolsets for original database access and UI components. Good frameworks boost the performance of the web.

PHP is Open Source and Free

PHP was created as an open source and is free to use. Regular updates and versions are released to keep it updated with useful features. There are no hidden charges or costs that one needs to pay for its license or upgrades. It is best suited for the budgeted businesses who are looking to save wherever possible. Since PHP is free it shouldn’t be mistaken that the scripting language is not dynamic. PHP has a range of benefits which the other script languages don’t have.

PHP is Scalable

advantage of PHP

The ability of a system to withstand high traffic or processing and house growth while upholding an anticipated user experience is known as scalability. There are two ways of scaling that happens; one is the horizontal scaling or scaling out and the other is vertical scaling or scaling up. The advantage of PHP here is that you can add as many servers as it is required by your business when it expands.

PHP Offers Speed

PHP uses a very small percentage of system resources making it faster than other scripting languages. Besides hosting PHP is not a problem because most hosting service providers support PHP.

Problems Can be Easily Resolved in PHP

Another advantage of PHP is its easy documentation. The documentation of PHP is pretty easy and detailed which means you will not face problem while working on it. There is a huge support forum where you can get support for all types of problems completely free. There are several forums and blogs that would willingly help you with its coding if you face any problem. The reason why there is a huge support is because PHP is open source and there are millions of users who have used it. There are many experts who immediately give their thoughts and answers to the questions you ask them. Problems and issues are easy to fix in PHP.

PHP Can be Embedded into HTML

advantage of PHP

PHP can easily be embedded into HTML. A stagnant website can be converted to a fresh and energetic website once PHP is embedded in HTML. Easy tutorials are available online on how to embed PHP into HTML.

PHP has Useful Extensions

There are many extensions that come with PHP. These PHP extensions can be used for many beneficial purposes. These extensions have different uses. For instance the Xdebug PHP extension that helps to locate bugs in source code in no time. The FirePHP is a Firefox extension that has different logging features. There are others that can assist you in different useful ways.

PHP is Pre-Configured

Another advantage of PHP in the list is that most of the hosting services come with ready to use setup for PHP. There are no special configurations required. It should be kept in mind that the website should be highly secure after which it can be modified with ease. Actually, most advanced PHP hosting provider allows their customers to customize their PHP environment.

PHP Can be Easily Integrated

More than 30% of the web industry is driven by PHP. The figures rise in leaps and bounds everyday as this easy scripting language can be used for the web development of any type of business. Whether it is a school or a bank PHP sets in perfectly in all types of industries.

PHP Gives Freedom to Select Web Server and Operating System

advantage of PHP

PHP is a versatile, flexible and adaptable scripting language. It can be used on almost all the operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix, RISC and many others. Most of the web servers also support PHP. All this incudes web server which can exploit FastCGI PHP binary. Whether it is a CGI processor or module PHP works as both perfectly. Besides having the freedom to select the operating system and the web server you can also select the object oriented programming or procedural programming. You can also use a mix of them if you want.

PHP has become a widely used side server scripting language. The most important feature is that it supports an extensive range of database. A database enabled web page is pretty simple if a database specific extension is used. One can open raw network sockets and interact with any protocol. It supports WDDX complex data exchange amongst all types of virtual web programming languages. It also supports creation of a real instance of Java objects and uses them clearly as PHP objects. PHP is a smart, dynamic yet easy to use scripting language which you can use for web development.

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