Why Should You Choose PHP for Web Development

Building websites for any business is one of the most important tasks before a business can be launched. This job calls for a web development company. PHP happens to be the best when it comes to web development. The advantage of PHP is that this server side scripting language helps in easy and exceptional web development. PHP lets the developers develop sturdy, safe, complex and big applications for small as well as big businesses. There are several PHP developers that excel in providing their services however, it is best that you spent some time in looking up for the best one. Here are some reasons on why you should pick PHP for web development.

Free and Open Source

advantage of PHP

The first advantage of PHP for web development is that it is an open and free source. There are no charges that you need to pay to use this programming language. It is completely documentation free. Unlike other scripting languages such as ASP or JPS that have to be paid for hosting, PHP doesn’t require any purchase of license. Open source also means it is being developed by several others who keep developing and making PHP better every day.

Dynamic and Flexible

Since PHP is an encrypted language the websites that are developed using it are completely safe and can be easily scaled to get maximum features from it. The websites auto refreshes themselves without someone having to do it manually. The most flexible thing about PHP is that its language can be customized to meet the exact needs for web development. Open source lets its use any type of editor to write the code which can be combined with various libraries for different types of special effects.  PHP happens to be the preferred choice for organizations who wish to apply custom business requirements.

Latest Features

Another advantage of PHP is that it is always updated. With every update and version that is launched, there are new features added to it which makes it more useful.  The latest version of PHP which is available now is PHP 7.1.0  and it has been loaded with several features such as Class constant visibility modifiers, Nullable types, Iterable pseudo-type, Catching multiple exceptions types and Void return type. The features have made PHP more convenient to use and perfect for all types of businesses who wish to build their websites with PHP.


advantage of PHP

Whether your platform is UNIX, Windows, Mac or LINUX the advantage of PHP is that it works well with all and is perfectly compatible with the popular servers used these days such as IIS, Apache etc.

High Performance

When compared with other web languages PHP is an effective language that supports all the leading servers and delivers high performance unswervingly. Developing a website with PHP gives you the advantage of an additional layer of security from the threats and viruses lurking on the web.  PHP lets you regulate your website with ease and offers editing and modification of the layout according to business requirements. Time taken to load web pages developed by PHP is much faster than compared to the other languages. Faster loading times means the speed of your website is boosted which is wonderful for your business. PHP also allows the use of extensions if you are looking to add more to your website. The performance of your website is not hampered at all.

CMS Friendly

The next advantage of PHP is that it is accessible to all CMS programs.  This leads to effective web development. This easy accessibility over different CMS lets the web developers work according to the clients’ requirement. All websites developed with PHP are personalized in all traits. The framework of CMS such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla are all based on it, which is why personalization is possible.

Community and Support

advantage of PHP

PHP is a well-known side server language and moreover, since it is open source there are millions that have used it for web development already. The list continues to increase every day. This has led to a huge community where the developers and users are always active. Some look for solutions while some provide answers. Support is got quite easy as once you post a problem there are several developers who are willing to answer to back.


All the websites that have been developed with PHP are both scalable and measurable. The performance of your website can be studied easily.

Coding Clarity

PHP is also a preferred choice for web development as the coding that it uses is quite simple. Even a beginner would face no problems while developing web with PHP. From working on simple templates to working on a complex project PHP can be easily worked with.

Multiple PHP Frameworks

PHP offers many frameworks like Zend, Laravel, Codelgniter, Magento, PEAR, Symfony etc. This helps in the quick building of websites in which a variety of features can be added. These frameworks also offer speed and security to the development procedure. Even the most complex websites can be developed in no time. The main problem selecting a framework which is best suited for your business. Projects of different sizes require different frameworks. With some research and knowledge you can develop web on the best one.

advantage of PHP

People seem to be preferring PHP for web development. The several advantages of using PHP for web development adds to your websites value. The side server language has become popular across the globe as it has the ability to design interactive and vibrant websites. If you are looking to provide secure, safe, powerful and dynamic websites to your users then PHP is exactly what you should be looking forward to. PHP has enabled businesses with websites to outspread its originality to a higher level. It lets the businesses deliver precise and appropriate outcomes. Web development with PHP will enable your business to be livelier and you will have your website thriving with customers always.

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