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zhuji91-220As one of the best hosting companies in Hong Kong, Zhuji91(zhuji91.com.hk) has been providing people with feature-rich, reliable and affordable web hosting products on both Linux and Windows platforms in the market. For building or expanding Chinese and even Asian businesses, Zhuji91 is a great option.

In order to make its great services more accessible, Zhuji91 now launches the latest and the most cost-effective Zhuji91 Coupon applying to all of its hosting products to the public. With it, customers can get the best Hong Kong web hosting service at only $4.95/mo. To claim it, please follow this exclusive Zhuji91 Coupon link.

Zhuji91 Coupon for Linux and Windows Hosting Packages

This Zhuji91 Coupon is applied to Zhuji91 Linux and Windows hosting packages: both Professional and Business. No matter customers need affordable Linux or Windows hosting, Zhuji91 Coupon can satisfy their demands. Following the following exclusive link provided by Zhuji91, customers could claim for the coupon, which makes the web hosting price starting from $4.95/mo, with a 62% off discount.

Zhuji91 Hong Kong Hosting Deal
62% Off

Zhuji91 Linux Hosting – $4.95/mo

Coming with stable and secure CloudLinux operation system and tons of excellent features, Zhuji91 Linux hosting service has Professional and Business packages. Normally, Zhuji91 Linux web hosting service charges from $8.95/mo. Now, with this Zhuji91 coupon, the Linux web hosting price will be reduced to $4.95/mo for a three-year billing term.

In order to address the different needs of customers, Zhuji91 has also provided with one-year, two-year and three-year plans. Here are the details of Zhuji91 Coupon for Linux Professional hosting plan:

Service Year Discount Price After Discount! You Save!
12 Month $7.95/mo Total $95.4/yr $60
24 Month $5.95/mo Total $142.8/2yrs $168
36 Month $4.95/mo Total $178.2/3yrs $288

Zhuji91 Windows Hosting – Up to 55% Off

Zhuji91 provides customers with Microsoft certified Windows web hosting service that integrates with great rich features and user-friendly WebSitePanel control panel. Now, Zhuji91 Coupon makes this Windows web hosting more affordable.

Whether customers sign up with its yearly, 2-year or 3-year billing cycle, Zhuji91 will offer them relevant discount and help customers get its Windows hosting at cheap prices. By clicking this special promotional link, customers enable to receive up to 55% off making the Windows web hosting price start from $5.95/mo.

Details of Zhuji91 Coupon for Windows Professional hosting plan are as follows:

Service Year Discount Price After Discount! You Save!
12 Month $8.95/mo Total $107.4/yr $48
24 Month $6.95/mo Total $166.8/2yrs $144
36 Month $5.95/mo Total $214.2/3yrs $252

Shopping Tips:

To help people fully learn how to acquire Zhuji91 Coupon, we list some helpful tips that customers have to pay attention.

  • Payment options: PayPal or Credit Cards. Zhuji91 only accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover if people pay by credit cards.
  • Money back guarantee: customer satisfaction is one of the most important missions of Zhuji91. The company offers customers 30-Day Money Back Guaguarantee. According to this customer-friendly policy, customers are allowed to ask for a prorated-refund within the first 30 days after activation of their account, if they are not satisfied with Zhuji91 Linux or Windows web hosting service and support.
  • Customer services: Zhuji91 professional and experienced support technicians are available all the time. If customers confront with any problem of the Zhuji91 Coupon, its hosting, billing or any others, Zhuji91 technicians can be contacted through 24/7 Online Chat and Email easily.

What Zhuji91 Coupon Offers

Zhuji91 Linux and Windows web hosting solutions are based on CloudLinux and Windows 2008 R2 operating system respectively. With Zhuji91 Coupon, customers will receive great rich hosting features and create powerful websites successfully. Here, we take its Linux web hosting as an example.

Its Linux web hosting solution includes 1GB to 6GB disk space, unlimited monthly data transfer, 2 to 10 MySQL 5 databases, 2 to 10 websites hosted, 10% to 30% CPU limit, unlimited parked domains, unlimited sub domains, FTP, custom .htaccess, PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, phpMyAdmin, URL Rewrite and much more.

In order to deliver customers easy setup and management, Zhuji91 offers 1-click application installer and enhanced cPanel control panel. These tools will help customers customize and manage their emails, domains, flies and the whole websites simply and conveniently.

At the same time, Zhuji91 guarantees 99.9% uptime to offer customers reliable hosting environment. The company uses world-class NWT datacenter located in Hong Kong featuring with complete power supply, redundant connections, Cisco firewall, 100% Dell servers with RAID 5 and SSD drives and 24×7 networking & server monitor.

Claim for Zhuji91 Coupon

For any personal or small business in Hong Kong, Zhuji91 Coupon here is the best option for them to start or expand online business. They can use this coupon to get Zhuji91 top ranking web hosting service at only $4.95/mo or $5.95/mo based on operating systems they choose, paid via both PayPal and credit cards. Moreover, it is easy to claim without any code.

Furthermore, Zhuji91 has advanced hosting packages and solutions for its customers to upgrade when their websites and needs grow. To know more information about Zhuji91 Coupon and its hosting services, please visit: zhuji91.com.hk or check Zhuji91 Review.


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